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A Brief Overview of the Top Free Android Apps

Updated on April 1, 2017

Android is an immensely popular Linux-based operating system. It is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Android apps have played a significant role in increasing their popularity.

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Android | Source

Here is a brief overview of some free Android apps that are used extensively by people all over the world.


Gmail is well-known for its efficiency. This email service from Google enables you to get your emails instantly on your Android device via push notifications, read and respond to your conversations online or offline, and search and find any email.


Pintrest is an awesome social media website that works very well on your Android device. It enables you to discover, collect and share your inspiration on the go. You can pin images from the internet, explore pins, pin with your camera and do much more.

ES File Explorer

This file and manager app enables you to access music, videos, documents, pictures and other files with your Android device. It is an amazing resource management tool that supports more than 20 languages.


With this amazing app, you can make free Skype-to-Skype video calls. You can call phones at Skype rates on the move. Voice calls to other Skype users are free. You can send IMs to your friends and family members anywhere in the world. Skype enables you to send pictures, videos and files to your contacts; and is well-known for its high-quality sound.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Google Chrome | Source


Chrome is an amazing browser from Google which enables fast browsing. This browser is loaded with useful features and works very well on various Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

TrustGo Mobile Security

TrustGo is a free high-quality mobile security app. This robust Android security app not only protects your device from harmful malware and viruses but also protects you from apps that steal your personal identity, data and personal privacy.


Dropbox enables you to take your photos, videos and documents wherever you go; and also enables you to share them with others. With this amazing app, you need not email yourself a file ever again.


This amazing app enables you to share photos on your Android device. It offers features like filtered effects and tilt-shift blur. This easy-to-use app transforms everyday moments to works of art.


Zappos enables you to shop from the comfort of your home. Latest fashion for men, women and children, free shipping, free returns and much more are available in the palm of your hand.


This robust app enables you to manage your finances efficiently with minimum effort. Mint makes it possible to keep all your financial data in one place. You can track your bank accounts, credit cards, home loans, auto loans and do much more with this app.

Polaris Office 4.0

This office app enables you to use documents like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and Adobe PDF. Polaris Office 4.0 makes it possible for you to organize your data quickly.


This is a must-have app for your Android device. It enables you to record voice reminders, take notes, create to-do-lists, take photos and much more. Great app to stay organized.


BaconReader for Reddit works smoothly and easily. This cool app is quick on searches. In fact it is the easiest way to Reddit. Its slide show more is popular among the users. It is also the only app with Reditorial guide to the front page of the internet.

Plume for Twitter

This customizable Twitter app is one of the best Twitter clients for Android. It supports multiple Twitter accounts. It enables you to mute Twitter users, applications or word. You can also colorize your timeline.


With this amazing app, you will never need a paper map ever again. It offers detailed maps with 3D buildings. It offers voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, Google maps street view and much more.

Ruzzle Free

This popular word game app is fun and fast-paced. In fact it is the fastest word game in the world. With this app, you can challenge your friends, or allow an opponent to be chosen randomly.


This app enables you get world news and social news on your Android device. Its beautiful magazine design is impressive. You need to just choose a few topics to build your Flipboard.

Slacker Radio

This app enables you to download your favorite songs on to your Android device with minimum effort. It is the most complete music service on Android. It offers millions of songs and many personalization options.


Google Drive Android app enables you to access your documents, videos, photos and other files stored on Google Drive on the go. You can also share these documents with others. You can upload files to Google Drive from your Android device.

Astro File Manager

This app enables you to organize your music, pictures, videos, documents and other files. It also enables you to stop processes that affect battery life. You can also back up your apps.


This app enables you to save and view videos, articles, etc. It you find something interesting on the internet, you can put it in your Pocket. You can view it any time, anywhere, even offline.


This amazing app enables you to read thousands of book reviews. You can maintain a virtual book shelf of what you have read. You can build your own to-read list. You can search, rate and review any of the 12 million books that are offered.

Meme Generator

With the help of this amazing app, you can choose a meme, insert a caption and share it with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Bluetooth and Dropbox. It is as easy as that. It is a must-have Android app.

Nova Launcher

This performance driven app is highly customizable. It is the most polished customizable launcher for Android 4. This app enables you to change the accent color of the launcher. Scroll effects include Cube and Cardstack.


Pandora Radio app streams music on your Android device. This personalized radio service features hundreds of music and comedy genre stations. This amazing app enables you to enjoy your favorite music on the go.

Candy Crush Saga

This puzzle adventure app offers more than 100 levels and is immensely popular all over the world. This game is well-known for its fluidity. It runs on all Android devices that support OpenGL ES 2.0.


This robust app enables you to buy all the things you love in one place. If you are looking for a gift for your loved one, you need to look no further. You can also share your discoveries with your friends.

Temple Run 2

If you love mobile gaming, you need to have this app on your Android device. You will definitely enjoy all the running, jumping, sliding and turning. Graphics are impressive. You will love the organic environment.

Developers all over the world offer hundreds of thousands of apps for your Android device. The challenge is to identify those that add value to your device. The above-mentioned apps are definitely among those.

Android device
Android device | Source

20 Most Popular Free Android Apps

Sl No
Google Play Services
Google Maps
Google Hangouts
Google Search
WhatsApp Messenger
Google Text-to-Speech
Google Play Books
FB Messenger
Google Chrome
Google Play Games
Google Talkback
Google Play Music
Google Play Newsstand
Google Play Movies & TV
Google Drive

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Android was intended to be very customizable. And we welcome innovations.

— Sundar Pichai


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