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A complete guide on metal pressings

Updated on July 26, 2012

Metal pressings are very important components in manufacturing industries as these help in designing various metal products and goods which are used in our daily lives. These include drapery rods, knobs, metal handles, yard tools and many more.

All these metal items are designed by using the process of metal pressings. These are also important in the manufacturing process of interiors and bodies of vehicles, scientific and medical instruments.

The fact is, the majority of metal items which we see or use in our daily lives, are manufactured as a result of the metal pressing process.

A diagram of some pallet feet which can be made using the Metal Pressing process.
A diagram of some pallet feet which can be made using the Metal Pressing process.

How are Metal Pressings made?

Metal pressings are completely automated and computerized to deliver the highest level of quality and efficiency. The product developers create metal items which are designed by the use of computerised imagery. The designs are made to pass through the die when they're are red hot or cold and this is the place where different products are successfully designed in different shapes.

Machines are able to produce the appropriate designs and shapes irrespective of their intricacy or complexity. The process includes different production stages such as coining, piercing, blanking, bending, and many others. The best part about this technique is that it can be successfully used in almost all kinds of metals. These may include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and iron.

What is the process?

The press tools are utilized in the process of manufacturing and this is generally determined by metal’s thickness. Shallow pressing is utilized for harder and thicker metals whereas deep press is efficiently used for the thin metals. The metal pressings generally run continuously in the industries where metals are designed and manufactured in large quantities.

Metal pressing is commonly used in aviation industry for the manufacturing of metal frames to be used in rockets and planes. These are also extremely essential in the construction industry, electrical and healthcare industries. This process is chiefly performed by qualified and skilled engineers who have the required understanding of the dynamics involved in the metal manufacturing process. This is the reason why the finished products have excellent quality. Anything which an engineer or designer can ever imagine irrespective how delicate or complex it is, can be made using the efficient techniques and tools of metal forming.

Various artists use this similar process in order to design different art forms which are displayed in majority of the museums across the world.

Why use this technique?

There is no limit to the use of these metal pressings as they have the ability to handle various metals with thick gauges and heavy duty works. Using these techniques result in products which are sturdier because of tooling consistency from the very beginning. Owing to the fierce competition in the marketplace, various companies look for unique and creative designs for their products and metal pressings is a perfect way to achieve this. Metal pressing allows the company to do all the things under one single roof thereby significantly reducing the operational costs.


Metal pressings are quite essential components in the manufacturing industry as these help in designing of various metal products or goods. This intricate and sophisticated technology results in quality finished products and thus this technology is considered as one of the best mechanical operations.


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