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A few things about what a water resistant watch is

Updated on March 13, 2012

Most watches have a sign that says they are water resistant watches. Even if most watches do brag about being waterproof do not expect to be able to swim around in a poll with just any watch. Most watches will not be harmed by a summer rain, but if you decide to swim with your water resistant watch you might end up ruining it.

The water resistant mark is very often stamped on the back of wrist watches. However you should not expect a wrist watch that has a water resistant 30 meters symbol stamped on it to resist, because the test is done only once one a new watch. If you repeatedly expose your watch to water you will definitely end up destroying it.

There are different water resistant watch standards. For example if your waterproof watch is water resistant to 30 meters it is basically only splash resistant and not really suitable for swimming or water related work such as fishing. It will obviously also not be suitable for diving. A Water Resistant watch to 50 meters will be better if you also want to swim with your watch on. If you want a safer watch to swim with you should choose a water resistant watch to 100 meters or 200 meters. These watches are suitable for just about any surface water activities you can think of. However it would still be impossible to dive with this watch on your wrist and not destroy it.

If you want to dive with your watch you must search for the Diver’s approved watches. You may find Diver’s 100 meters watches, which are great for scuba diving, but nothing more. Diver’s 100 meters is the oldest standard so you will generally only find older watches. You will also find Diver's 200 m or 300 m watches which are the typical diver’s watches that can be found today. If you really want something special go for a Diver's 300+ m marked watch. It will only help you if you are a professional saturation diver, otherwise the divers 200 or 300 normal watches will be more than enough.

There are many watches that are known to be water resistant watch devices. However each of them is resistant to a point. Before buying a water resistant watch think carefully about what you will be using it for. Good luck.


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