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A guide to Lockerz

Updated on April 10, 2010
The Lockerz Logo
The Lockerz Logo

A Guide to Lockerz

 Lockerz is a website that allows you to earn points by:

  • Logging In
  • Answering a Daily Question
  • Watching Videos (some of which are actually very funny)
  • Inviting Friends

When you first join lockerz, you get a one time chance to play a game that lasts for about 20 seconds and you try to collect as many points as possible. Most people get close to 30 points from this game. The whole point of doing all of these things and collecting all of these points is to try and get enough points to order prizes from the website, abosolutly free of charge, you don't even have to pay for shipping and handling even if your in an International country. The prizes on Lockerz range from wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone, to a Plasma TV or an iMac. I currently have close to 300 points and have my eyes on a Rock Band and PSP bundle which is only 200 points, which if you ask me, is unheard of in these types of websites. Unfortunantly, you need to get an invite from someone already in Lockerz (like me). If you don't believe me (I didn't believe the person the referred me either) then you can go and check out the website and try to sign up for yourself. Either way you will end up coming back to this hub. The invites are sent by email, so I will need your email address. You can send all your Lockerz requests to :

Make sure to try and remember to make the subject of the email "Lockerz Invites" or atleast include the word "Lockerz" in the subject.

Thankyou for reading this hub, I hope you liked it even though I wrote it really quickly!


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