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A list of weird websites i found surfing the web 2

Updated on April 24, 2016

This hub page is continued on from my last hub i made about weird websites and it was a huge success so i have decided to make another weird list to satisfy all the people out there that have weird and wonderful website tastes so i have been looking a round quite a lot lately and these are the websites that i have come across so prepare to be bedazzled overjoyed and maybe dam right freaked out.

well the first one i am going to give you is this one and what a fantastic one this is go on try it you know you want too this website is only to be used in dire situations. Weirdness rank says: 5/10

well what can i say about this next one your gonna wish you had never gone to this webpage "welcome to you get welcomed with some corny music and some kind of erotic male voice. Weirdness rank says: 8/10

Well i gotta tell you know this next one is absolutely awesome and i had a laugh with all my family using all there photographs for the website trust me you have to try this one for weirdness the Weirdness rank says: 7/10

well ime just wandering if ime actually gonna find a website out there that will get a 10/10 on the weirdness rank well keep reading to find out.

This one is dumfounding i will leave it to you too work it out because i dont have any words for it heres the link: weirdness rank for this little gem is a staggering 9/10 but we still have not got to 10 yet so lets carry on going until i reach a number 10 rank.

This is kind off a pretty good website and kept me entertained for half an hour or so so go on break a leg and have a look here: weirdness rank is 4/10.

Ime sorry but this is just plain scary and ime not going to even rate this one i can n ot beleive this used to be a kids present well i suppose they had never heard about radiation and cancer back then so here goes prepare to be shocked very shocked:

Lets take a little break from my list of weird websites and watch a funny video if you dont laugh at this then you are not a human being.

Right know back to the list hope you enjoyed the video i will try and find another one in a bit after you have read some more so here is the next website which is not weird at all but just damn right stupid and i think you probably might agree but anyway give it a try for yourself: weirdness rank for this website is 4/10.

This one is cool weirdness rank 2/10

I have decide to go one step further with this list an show you a few games that are of interest and weirdness i rate this game a weirdness of 8/10 go on give it a try you never know you might actually enjoy yourself.

This web site i found really does have the fun factor and thats why i decided to put it on my list here goes weirdness rank is 6/10

Not possible at all weirdness rating is 9/10

so after all that searching i finally found my 10/10 ranked website for weirdness but before i show it to you check out this funny video i found first and no cheating either you need to watch the video.

Well after all thne deliberation and hard work i have finally surrendered to this website which i have to say is the weirdest and most pointless website i have ever come across and thats why i gavi it a 10/10 here it is:

Thanks for reading my hub and i hope you enjoyed reading it if you missed my first weird list of websites hub here is the link: go and have a read but i think this beats the first one by miles for know goodbye.

© 2012 henderson0683


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