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A little About how to make a Popular Blog

Updated on April 15, 2014

Making a Blog Famous

Most people who decide to start a blog, do so with the false impression that as soon as they put the "Ink to Paper" so to speak, they will have an immediately successful and popular blog. This is a huge misconception, and it is what causes the largest portion of the thinning of the herd. Babies are not born with the ability to walk, they have to learn that, and blogs, in turn, will not be born running. It takes time, it takes nurturing, and it takes patience to see even a modicum of popularity. And, by the time it is realized, most people have pulled up stakes and have completely given up. I don't blame those folks. This is not as easy as some people make it out to be.

In a lot of ways, this hub is no more than an encouraging word with a few tips and what not. Its not going to give you some magic that will make you instantly famous. There are too many variables involved to do that. Mostly, I am putting these words to paper to suggest that people don't give up. Give the blog some time. A year of consistent interaction and writing, before throwing in the towel. And in some cases, even that will not be enough.

Popular blogging on the beach?

Blogging is not a life on the beach.  Its not easy, it takes time and effort
Blogging is not a life on the beach. Its not easy, it takes time and effort

Writing Blog posts are Important

Just like the title implies. You need blog posts in order for your blog to be popular. This is above and beyond the most important thing to remember. Sometimes it is easily forgotten when you don't see the results you want.

Look at it from the readers' perspective. I want a blog to supply my mind with information. If it is lacking, I will never return to it. If it is deserted, I will not suggest it to others. If it lacks substance, I will go elsewhere for my information. None of these actions is conducive to that of a popular blog. And a hand full of posts is not going to cut it.

Generally, it it acceptable to write shorter posts, over 500 words but less thank 1000, but every five posts or so, you will need to write a anchor style post. I don't remember where I heard this term before, but what it means is, it is a mega post, over 2000 words, maybe over 3000 words that links the reader to several other posts on your blog. The topic should be a popular one, and one you suspect will get a lot of views. And it should be filled to bursting with information that can pull your readers directly to your other posts. This is the method i tend to use. Writing hundreds of information dense posts and become tedious in the best of times, and will generally result in you burning out way before you have enough posts on your blog for it to make any sort of impact. You dry up and lose interest. This is very much counter productive. I personally don't have an endless font of information on any given topic. I have to use my knowledge sparingly and I figure most people are in a very similar situation.

Use Tools that are Respectable

It is important to announce to the internet, that you are out there. Hubpages is an excellent tool. It is a highly respected site for article writing, and makes for an easy place for you to write a companion article to your latest blog posts. The main thing to remember when you use sites like Hubpages is, not to abuse what it is, you do not need to write a Hub for every single blog post, but occasionally, it is beneficial to you to help build awareness.

There are other sites, of course. Bukisa and Helium, Associated Press and Squidoo all work and it might be in your best interest to spread your articles among several of the article writing websites.

Another good idea is to ping your posts, with tools like Pingoat. This sends a shout out with your link. Its a good way to make an announcement, so to speak.

And things like Feed Burner are also very useful. Similar to pinging, it puts your posts out there and helps the search engine find them. Because, bottom line is, if search engines find you and you start ranking for specific keywords, you will be found more readily. It is the best way to be found on the internet. And as soon as you get ranked on the first page of a search engine for a specific search term, you will see a spike in your traffic.

What else helps Blog Popularity?

Time and people are your biggest assets to popularity. But the word popular is a relative one, specific to your topic. A higher population of people searching the internet for your subject means just that, more people. But this also means more people will be creating sites for people to find the information they seek. It also means there will be more people paying to be popular. Meaning much more competition, this means much more time and effort. It you are attacking a highly popular topic with lots of ad money involved, you will need to produce a lot more information about that topic, and you will need a lot more time for people to start to be drawn to you specific blog.

In turn, more obscure topics will require much less time and effort, but it will, in the end draw much less people to your blog. You may have a bigger piece of this pie in a much quicker period of time, but the pie itself will be inherently, much smaller. This is not a bad thing, especially for beginners. And you will have to consider these factors when deciding on your general topic of your blog. Sometimes, it is wise to make your blog have a very specific topic, one that may draw a smaller crowd, but will show results fairly quickly. It helps boost confidence in what you are doing, then at a later time, or in concert have a blog that will take much more time to generate the popularity you seek.

Celebrate your Popularity!

Jump for joy and pat yourself on the back if you reach your goals
Jump for joy and pat yourself on the back if you reach your goals

Can anyone Make a Popular Blog

The short answer is no. You have to be of a very specific bread of person to succeed in the blogging world. You need to Portray Interest in your subject. You need to show yourself as an expert and as approachable while bringing a unique twist or thought to your topic. You need to be able to write well. Not perfection, but the better you are able to present your points clearly, the more likely people are to return to your site.

You need patience. This is going to take time and you will not see a lot from your efforts for some time. If you can't do these things, blogging may not be for you.

If you can, I say go for it. Success stories happen every single day, and there is no reason that with enough effort you cannot become one of those stories. Have fun, talk about something that interests you and makes you want to interest others.

I hope something I write helps people. It's what keeps me going. I hope you try and I hope you find enjoyment in it.

Now go write that popular blog of your dreams.


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    • computerjnkman profile imageAUTHOR

      Leonard L Sampson 

      4 years ago from Michigan

      Why thank you! I enjoy writing. I guess that is why I do it. I appreciate the acknowledgment. Thank you

    • ShravanKAcharya profile image


      4 years ago

      Wonderful hub! Just loved your writing :)


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