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A Security Look at Facial Recognition Technology in iPhone X

Updated on February 10, 2018

A security look at facial recognition technology in iphone X

Last week, Apple unveiled its iPhone X smartphone, the first iPhone smartphone to come with a front-facing screen that fully powers the phone. In addition, the iPad is equipped with Face ID technology used by the company, Apple after dispensing with the scanner in this new masterpiece.
Kaspersky Skye has made a lengthy report on face recognition and has focused heavily on the safety point in this technique, let us recognize it together in this article.

What is the face recognition feature and high-detail camera
In short, face recognition uses the user's face to open the phone and also uses it to confirm online payments by matching the face with the image stored in the phone's memory. A camera in the phone for this purpose is known as "True Depth Camera".

The front of the phone is the only part that is not covered by the phone screen. Many sensors were accumulated. As well as the usual things like the front camera, the microphone and the speakers. And also the light sensor. Three new things have been introduced into this phone: infrared camera, flood illuminator, dot projector.

These new components are a "high-definition camera" and it depicts your face in a three-dimensional way and uses this image to recognize your face to open the phone. Let us explain how this happens:

flood illuminator or light source is mainly used to light your face if there is not enough lighting to light your face so that the camera can shoot you well. The dot projector or dot matrixizer sheds 30,000 points of infrared radiation on the user's face. The user is photographed by infrared camera.

These points help to identify the face of the user in a three-dimensional way, when the activation of the property of the phone asks you to rotate your face. So that the phone can wipe your face from all angles and sides.

This helps the device to recognize the face of the user to open the phone. If your face matches the 3D image in your phone's memory, the lock will open. To our knowledge this property operates at a higher accuracy than the fingerprint.

Apple has built a processor to develop the automatic learning feature, which will make the phone deal with errors and develop itself. Which will make the facial recognition process faster with time. Even with different facial expressions and different hair styles and accessories for the user. The user may wear a beard or a scarf, but this will not prevent the face recognition feature from being recognized.

Characteristics of face recognition security
First, this property is not deceived by images. Images do not have 3D properties. That's why the infrared camera will recognize it by dropping dots. Which Samsung did not consider when offering the same property before. Her phones were deceived by pictures.

Secondly Apple claims that it tested the property on users wearing masks and these masks were a copy of users' faces. Face recognition did not allow the phone to be opened to any of these people. Apple's Phil Schiller said the possibility that someone else could open your phone using this feature is one in a million. Compared to the possibility of someone else opening your phone using fingerprint recognition and it was one in the fifty thousand. It is a huge difference.

Apple also said that you can open the phone with this feature in different facial expressions and does not require your attention to the phone or a specific place in the phone.

Thirdly, you will not worry about "stealing your face" images taken by high-detail camera are encrypted by a specialist processor. It is called Secure Enclave. Your face is saved in your phone's memory only! They are not sent to Apple servers. This wizard does not allow other applications to get your high-profile face pictures even if you use facial recognition in an application. These applications use the wizard to recognize your face and can not get your face in any way.

However, one researcher found a weakness in this processor. But the weak point was fixed and dealt with immediately, but that does not mean that there are no other weaknesses! There may be other vulnerabilities that leak user data.

As Schiller himself stated during the Apple conference, there is no complete security system. But according to what we know about the face recognition feature of the new iPhone, we can say that facial recognition in the iPhone is safer than traditional facial recognition methods, which are usually based on two-dimensional methods. They may be safer than fingerprinting too. , But security experts around the world will be working on testing this system and trying to penetrate it. The 6-digit PIN is still available. Of course it is not the best security solution but at least it will not leak important information like your 3D face map.


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