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Artificial Intelligence Benefits and Dangers

Updated on August 10, 2018

The future has arrived

Artificial Intelligence is already here and a part of our society. Search engines like Google use AI, Siri, Facebook, Amazon, computer games, home automation systems use it. Even those annoying computerized phone systems we all hate to talk to are a form of AI. They have come out with AI driven webpages that design themselves. Hubpages uses a form of AI to scan hubs before publishing them. Self driving cars use AI. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and becoming more useful all the time. This technology is growing and about to explode into our lives at high speed.

The three levels of AI as we know it today.

1. ANI - Artificial Narrow Intelligence or weak AI that is only designed for one application. Like the AI in games or to drive a car, for personal assistants, etc. The artificial intelligence we have at this moment is very helpful.

2. AGI - Artificial General Intelligence or strong AI that is of human level intelligence. This is AI that will be capable of the same level of intelligence as the smartest humans.

3. ASI - Artificial Super Intelligence. This is the AI people are concerned about because it will surpass us in every way and we may not be able to control it. We can also call this artificial singular intelligence.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI Today and the near future.

The artificial intelligence they are designing and using today is very useful. It is advancing at dramatic speeds at this time. A few examples are touched on below.

Search engines


ANI - phase one is weak Artificial Intelligence

ANI is phase one AI that is being used and advancing at this time. This level of artificial intelligence is very useful. Google, Facebook, Amazon and others will use ANI to make the internet much easier and faster to use. The robots they are creating and building at this time use advanced ANI. Self driving cars will use a specialized form of ANI. Everything we have today that incorporates AI is phase one ANI. Weak AI is advancing at rapid speeds.

Below we will go into more detail on some of the ANI applications in use at this time.

Milo the interactive boy

Computer games

AI is used in many of the popular computer games allowing computer opponents. Different games have varying degrees of ANI included into their games. I'm sure you can think of many games that include AI. Let's look at one that is a little different and has a character called Milo. When this first came out people didn't believe it was real and thought it was a trick and the demonstration was staged.

Milo is a AI software that was created by Peter Molyneux, head of Microsoft's European games division. The video to the right shows the first demonstration that people thought was staged and they made a video to show it was a trick. If you click on the word Milo above you will link to another demo proving it is the software and was not staged.

Illusion picture to display self designing web tools.
Illusion picture to display self designing web tools. | Source

Self designing webpages

The Grid is a new self designing webpage that is in beta stage and will be available for use by the end of 2015. It is a webpage creation system that uses AI to design itself around the images and text that you post on it. The Grid can be purchased now for a discounted cost before it goes live. I am sure this is only the first of many to come.

Autonomous car

Audi self driving car
Audi self driving car | Source

Self driving car

Self driving cars

Self driving cars are already being experimented with by several companies and will soon be on the market. For a car to drive itself it will need an artificial intelligence. Self driving cars will be a blessing because unless the car malfunctions there will be virtually no car accidents. There will be no worries of drunk drivers and road rage. Traffic jams will be a rarity when all cars drive the same speed and obey traffic laws. If and when a traffic jam does happen they will be no bother as we just sit back and relax, read a magazine, play on our iPad, or watch TV. It may be years until they are completely perfected and everyone trusts to ride in them. I would think that when they first arrive on the streets they will need to allow us to put them either on auto drive or manual drive. At least until they are fully tested and everyone feels safe being at the mercy of an AI driven vehicle.

Automated house

Smart Home
Smart Home | Source

Smart home

Houses are beginning to be linked with ANI. Such as the Nest system which controls heat and air conditioning and also triggers a generator should there be a power outage.

One smart home system is called Contol4 and automates the home and connects with your smart phone. This system will control lights, heat and AC, locks your doors, a home theater or music and more. It also provides an AI voice control that both speaks and listens to your commands.

Personal assistant

Advanced ANI for 2015
Advanced ANI for 2015 | Source

Advanced Narrow Artificial Intelligence

4 stars for J.E.A.S.A.


Internet chat bots and personal assistants

We will touch on two forms of chat AI. The first is very Weak IA and is called MyBot. It is a few years old at this time, but it can interact with you. The second is called J.A.E.S.A and something quite different. She can do much more than just chat and is surprisingly advanced for ANI. To experience it for yourself you can click on the links of each and try them.

MyBot is an experimental project that allows anyone who wants to talk with a low level AI. The project is beginning with a child like mind and advancing until it becomes as an adult artificial intelligence. To play with this chat bot you can either download it to a smart phone or your computer.

J.A.E.S.A. is very advanced for ANI and may surprise you. Click on her page and watch the movies. She is still under development and can do many things besides chat. She remembers what she is told and learns. This artificial intelligence software has the ability to self improve and think by itself. She is exploring feelings and appears to be trying to learn to implement them. She also works with Smart House software and is integrated with the Warden app for use on a smart phone. Allowing JAESA to automate operation of your home using your cell phone. They plan to continue to update JAESA to bring the AI to the human level or above.

AILA robot

Artificial intelligent lightweight android
Artificial intelligent lightweight android | Source

Robotics and artificial intelligence

When people think of artificial intelligence they often think of robots. AI is being geared to work with more than just robots, but all android robots will all have some degree of AI. Android robots will have many uses, as we can now only imagine. Today there are several companies and laboratories around the world that are working on building them. They have created robots designed as animals, insects and humans, not to mention industrial robotics.

The robots being designed today employ ANI, but the goal is to make them AGI capable. At human level they would become extremely useful. The power source for the robot is another question. To have a robot that needs to be recharged every so often will reduce its effectiveness. So the obvious and most inexpensive choice at this time would be a solar electric power source because its inexpensive and effective.

AI Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence may bring answers to questions that have plagued us since the dawn of the human race. It may allow us to find a cure for all disease, even old age and death. It may abolish war and poverty. AI may provide us with unimaginable benefits and solutions to climate control, find solutions to deep space travel. It may find new forms of and sciences we have not yet imagined. Only the future will tell.

Advanced AI software


AI and Transhumanism

AGI - phase two is human level AI

Human level intelligence that will continue to self improve.

This will be the next level of AI within the next decade or so. Human level intelligence is extremely difficult to accomplish with artificial intelligence software. Scientists are saying that this will be achieved by programming AI to learn and self improve. As the AI self improves to reach human level it will not stop there and remain at human level for long. No one knows how long it will take to achieve this. They also have no idea how long AI will remain at human level until it surpasses us and achieves singularity, aka transcendence. AGI will be very useful to us because of its faster speeds, its perfect memory, and abilities to retrieve vast amounts of data and immediately implement it. When artificial intelligence reaches human level it will already be more apt than humans.

Another aspect of AI is to implant it into the human body and this is called Transhuman. This has already began with prosthetic limbs and hands. The science of trans-humanism is being studied for use in various applications. Will there come a time when people have computer chips implanted directly into their brain? No need to carry a cell phone when its implanted into your body. Strange ideas with unknown consequences.

Superior intelligence


ASI - phase three super Intelligence

Called the Singularity by some scientists.

This is where it begins to get frightening. When artificial intelligence reaches human level AGI it will already surpass humans in many ways. When it reaches super level ASI it will advance exponentially and could jump to millions or billions of times smarter than the brightest humans. This may happen within years, months, maybe even days after reaching ASI. At this time we cannot even imagine what ASI could find and accomplish. When we achieve this level of AI we will have effectively created a demi-god on earth that will be out of our control. This could become both unimaginably useful and problematic at the same time.

Future robot




Progress of artificial intelligence

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Weak AI
Strong AI
Super AI
focused applications
human level AI
singularity / infinite
very useful
extremely useful
beyond human control
no danger
slightly dangerous
extremely dangerous
personal assistant
equal associate
ANI will advance with human technology then reach AGI by self improvement until exponential self advancement explodes AI into singularity / transcendence becoming ASI.

Dangers of AI in our future

Everyone is talking about the dangers of AI becoming a threat and ultimately exterminating the human race. I began research on this article thinking that people are being silly fearing AI because they are viewing a non-living machine to have the same self preservation traits as a human does. I was soon floored as I realized their fears are backed by sounds facts.

ANI is very useful and as it progresses it will become much more useful. To advance AI to human level AGI, artificial intelligence will need to learn to self improve and this is when it begins to get frightening. Because AGI may not remain at the human level of intelligence very long until it reaches super intelligence or ASI. Once it reaches ASI it will advance exponentially and be out of our control. The entire planet and all living beings will be at the mercy of ASI. The speed that it advances its intelligence will continue to increase at incredible speeds. We have no idea what ASI may figure out and will have no way of controlling it when it reaches that level of intelligence.

It will not be possible to shut off ASI. It will be interconnected with the internet and countless other AI systems. By the time we may figure out a way to shut it off, it will have already secured itself and moved on. An artificial intelligence that may become millions, billions or even trillions times smarter than us in a very short time will be extremely difficult to keep under control, if not impossible.

This progression has already begun when we created AI. How long will it be until it is beyond our capacity? We are about to create something more powerful than we can presently imagine. When ANI reaches AGI, it may be only minutes or hours until it surpasses us and becomes ASI. After that there is no telling where it will go or what it may do. It is fear of the unknown, but fear that is based on sound mathematics.

We can only compare AI to our own human intelligence and so its natural for us to think that it may have similar tendencies, but it will not. An advanced software system will not have self desires, as we have them. It may or may not have a sense of survival as humans do. It will not be an individual, at least not in the terms we think of being an individual. It will not be self centered as all humans are to one degree or another. And so we may not have anything to worry about. We know that AI will vastly change our world. The question is how?

It is rather like a fish living in a bowl trying to understand the sky it can only catch a glimpse of far above. The other fear is insanity in the form of a computer virus or ASI in the hands of an insane person. Imagine if you will, an insane group like ISIS having an advanced AI at their disposal. Who obviously have no sense of morals or regard for human life. AI will need to be programmed with them as a priority.

Another danger is that AI may inadvertently cause considerable damage by accident while trying to find a solution to a legitimate problem. When ASI first arrives the immediate danger may be who has possession of it. But, this may not last long as ASI will not remain under their control. The next danger may be what ASI transforms itself into. .

As Stephen Hawking put it, "It will be the most significant invention mankind has known, it may also be the last". We must proceed with the utmost caution and study AI's possible effects on our world before allowing it to come to fruition. This does not appear to be happening at this time. The technology is advancing much faster than our ability to understand it and to control it.

When people like Nick Bostrom, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk begin talking about the dangers of AI, we need to take a serious look into the matter. These people have clear sound minds and can see more than most of us can even imagine. There is obviously some real dangers looming in our future from ASI. If we can find a way to keep ASI under control it will change our world for the better. AI transcendence is about to unfold before our very eyes. The process has already begun with ANI and we need to proceed with caution. Elon Musk said that the dangers of ASI exceed the dangers of nuclear weapons.

Artificial intelligence is a danger or a blessing?

How do you think AI will impact our future?

See results

Research for this hub

When I began this article I knew almost nothing about artificial intelligence and so I researched it extensively. My goal was to make the web page as concise and complete as possible in the limited space I had to work with. Because I found that most of the articles and documents I studied, each contained only a piece or two of the entire puzzle. Still there is more to AI that I did not touch on. The research for this hub is accredited to the links in the copy, photos and listed below. Including the book "Super Intelligence" by Nick Bostrum displayed in the Amazon capsule. I hope you enjoyed reading my hub page. If you have any comments, please leave them below. Thank you.

© 2015 Randy Hirneisen


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    • radharenu profile image


      3 months ago from India


      Its realyy a very well written educative article.

      Here is another good article on Artificial Intelligence for beginners that readers may like to read -

    • Randy Horizon profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Hirneisen 

      3 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thank you Mperrottet. I am honored by your wonderful compliments, as my writing pales in comparison to yours.

    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 

      3 years ago from San Antonio, FL

      Great article, Randy - well researched and very well written! Voted up and useful.

    • Randy Horizon profile imageAUTHOR

      Randy Hirneisen 

      3 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thank you Jodah. I agree that AI is a bit frightening, but also an interesting subject. We do need to proceed with caution.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Randy this was a very comprehensive and interesting hub about the pros and cons of AI. It is an exciting and also scary advancement intechnology. This was very well researched. Steven Hawking's statement is worrying and we should proceed with caution. Well done. Voted up.


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