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AIM On Android Keeps Disconnecting?

Updated on May 14, 2010

Just like many people that have ever touched a computer in the last decade, I own an AIM account. I've had my AIM account for over a decade and still use it today. Instant messaging is still a very popular way to communicate and keep in touch. Having a good AIM client is very important. Luckily, most aim clients are very similar and do the same thing. Some instant messaging clients even organize all of your IM accounts into one convenient buddy list.

As we step into the world of smart phones, we are now able to use IM clients straight from our phones! Like many of you, I am an Android user. Also like many of you, I have a problem. I've tried many IM apps on the Android Marketplace and they all suck!

There are many AIM apps available for the Android OS. Some of them are really nice looking. I for one am a big fan of Meebo IM. Others like eBuddy, HiAIM, or IM+. AOL actually has an official AIM app on the Android Marketplace (AIM). Unfortunately, they all suck. Yes, even AOL's official AIM app sucks.

Why do all these apps suck? They can't keep a connection! After struggling with AIM and trying all the apps, I've learned one thing. I don't really care how good an app looks. What's number 1 on my list is reliability. That means being able to keep a connection. No doubt, AOL's AIM app is the prettiest out of the lot giving users the true AIM experience but I have to ask, "what good are all the bells and whistles if it keeps disconnecting?!"

Nimbuzz Interface
Nimbuzz Interface

The Solution

Open up the Android Marketplace and do a search for Nimbuzz. Proceed to install. Numbuzz is similar to Trillian and Pidgin in which it collects all of your contacts from Nimbuzz, Skype, MSN, Facebook, Aim, Gtalk, Yahoo!, MySpace, etc. and put them in one big contact list.

For the sake of this article, I've only used it for AIM and Gtalk. Nimbuzz is cool. It has a nice interface. After you've added you accounts, you are greeted by 3 tabs on the top. Contact, Chats, and Inbox. This is much more organized than my second favorite IM app, Meebo IM. Oh and guess what? It keeps a connection! I've been using Nimbuzz for over a week now and I've found it to be the most reliable AIM app on the Android Marketplace.

Isn't it funny that AOL's official AIM app is trumped by Nimbuzz? I love it. If you are having the same problems I had. Try this app. It's the best AIM app on the Marketplace!


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