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Top 5 Android Security Phone Guard

Updated on March 31, 2017

AL Yac Android Antivirus

AL Yac Android gives you the advanced security features for your Android based smartphone that you want and need. It is the most popular free antivirus application in Korea and has been downloaded by users from Google Play more than 30,000 times.

Al Yac Android is optimized for the latest Android operating system. It supports Android 2.1 and 2.2. The user interface is intuitive and convenient, making users feel instantly comfortable using it. The app is easy to set up.

This antivirus softwareprotects you from malicious files and viruses. ESTSoft strives to keep the lastest database of malware to optimize your smartphone security. It checks application and developer safety ratings. Al Yac also offers package safety rating.

Al Yac will help you avoid receiving spam by filtering and comparing against registered spam keywords and numbers. You customize the filter to match your needs. Spam blocking history is shown in a spam list.

The app can help you as you look for new apps. It will display a security rating of ‘safe’, ‘care’, ‘risk’, ‘unverified’, or ‘excluded’ so that you can decide what is best for you. It helps you to be aware of which apps could harm your smartphone. App security level is based on Access authority, developer information, and app popularity.

The makers of Al Yac Android knew that it was important to minimize memory and battery usage so they have carefully constructed an app to help you avoid using apps that are memory or battery hungry. The app strives to make your smartphone environment more convenient and easy to use.

This app only provides security. It does not back up data or give you parental controls. It is basic, but robust. When all you want is security this may be just the app for you.

Android Anti-Virus v2.0 Review

Made only to protect your Android smartphone or tablet against viruses, spyware, and malwareit has very few features. Android Anti-virus offers simple, straightforward installation and setup. When you open up the app a single button appears. Press it to scan your system and watch the green status bar as it scans. It scans quickly so don’t blink. You cannot scan an SD card with this app, it works strictly with the hard drive of your device. Minimum system resources are used and it works with any device.

Upgrading to the pro version will take away the advertising at the bottom of the screen. Worth the money? Probably not.

This app is not made for everyone. Any person who is looking for anti-theft programing, device usage modules, cloud backup, or parental controls will need to go to a different company’s app. But for the person who wants basic, solid anti-virus protection in a simple package, this is the app.

Review Dr. Web Anti-Virus Light For Android

Protection for your mobile device from the leading Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web. Keep your Android smartphone or tablet free of all sorts of malware including Trojans, spyware and viruses. Dr. Web entered the market of anti-virus software in 1992 and has been going strong for over 20 years.

The Light version of Dr. Web Anti-Virus focuses only on protection. It scans the file system of your device, including the “hidden” areas and apps. Any detected malicious items can be immediately deleted or moved to quarantine. Once quarantined you have time to find out more and then decide if you want it removed or placed back onto your device. Dr.Web Anti-virus Light has a real-time file monitor that automatically scans apps as they are being installed. It also scans app files written to the SD card for extra safety.

Dr.Web Anti-virus Light uses a unique algorithm,called Origins Tracing, to detect new virus families designed specifically for Android. This algorithm uses the knowledge database of previous threats. As new viruses are found they are added either to one of the families or a new family is started for a totally new virus structure. Their system significantly reduces the size of the virus database, so it will take up less space on the device.

The free Dr. Web app does not affect the operating system performance, and more importantly, does not reduce battery life. Simple, handy desktop widgets are used to access the app.Choose from two difference sizes. It does not have a phone locator or data backup ability.

Dr.Web anti-virus Light counts as its key features:

Constant anti-virus protection. The anti-virus check of the file system is carried out by file monitor, which scans in the real-time mode all files being saved in the device memory. Threats are neutralized as they present, no waiting until the next time you scan.

On demand scanning. Dr.Web anti-virus Light allows you to perform a quick scan or a full scan. You can choose to scan only critical files and folders. Scanning is reported to be fast.

Quarantine. When threatening files are detected, the files can be deleted or moved to quarantine. Once in quarantine the files are away from the rest of your device. You can review the detailed information about the threat and decide what you want to do with the app.

SD-card protection. Stay safe from contamination by apps saving files to the SD card that could damage your system.

– The small size of updates for virus databases allows you to save on both data traffic/usage and device memory.

Does not reduce battery life.Does not affect OS performance.

Some feel that the light version is not enough. A Premium version is available for sale. Users of Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus on their computers are entitled to use Dr.Web for Android (comprehensive protection) free of charge. The comprehensive package includes anti-spam, anti-theft, and Cloud Checker modules

QStarGuardX for Android

QStarGuardX features real-time protection against malware. It works from a large database of the latest malware and spyware such as DroidDream, Geinimi, Tapsnake, Ewalls, and Rootcager. If you notice a suspicious application, you can report it to GuardX. They will investigate and if the app is malicious, GuardX will add it to its database.

Note that some users have reported that they felt that having GuardX on their device attracted malware because of its ads. They noticed that what was being advertised was self-installing onto their device.

Battery usage is minimized as best as it can be according to the programmers. It supports Android 1.5 and up.

The app is free. App may not be up-to-date. QStarGuardX does not help with theft of your device, nor does it backup files or scan SD cards.

Quick Heal Mobile Security Full Review

Virus protection and mobile privacy from Quick Heal Technologies America for your Android smartphone or tablet. Highly rated mobile phone security software, and it’s free.


Quick Heal will automatically scan for malwareand spam. It finds malware, spyware and Trojans. It scans every app on your phone, then keeps working and scans new apps when you download them. The app also scans any memory card (SD card) in your device, even a borrowed card. Intelligent software automatically keeps the virus definitions up-to-date. Advanced protection settings allow you to be secure against potentially unwanted apps (PUA) and adware. Scans in the background so that you can keep using your phone.


Quick Heal Mobile Security helps you remote lock your device to block its usage. Mobile tracking will help you locate your phone if it is lost or stolen. You can set up the app to have it notify you of a new number if the SIM card is changed. If the SIM card is removed when not in your possession the app will block usage of your device to keep it safe. When you figure that you will never get back your device or are worried about whose hands it is in, you can send a pre-determined SMS to remotely wipe data. Quick Heal allows you to choose the data that you want wiped such as messages, specific folders, and contact information.

Call Filtering

The app will silently block unwanted calls and stop vishing attacks. You can create a black list of contacts you don’t want to hear from.

SMS Blocking & Spam Protection

Quick Heal Mobile will silently block unwanted SMSs. It stops phishing and smishing attacks. It looks for infected or harmful links in messages to keep them off your phone. Messages from unknown numbers can also be blocked. You create a black list of who you want blocked.

Quick Heal Mobile Security does not support dual SIM Android mobile devices. It does not have backup capabilities or parental controls. For those people who can use this app it may be perfect.

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