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Updated on December 14, 2009

Look to every corner of your house and see that glass was everywhere. In your kitchen, receiving room and private room. It was the main decorator of beauty you admired and envied. Your glass figurine alone give life to your inner sanctuary covered with different colors, shapes and designs. There was an inner peace and better atmosphere with those objects that you cannot live without. It was the most important materials found inside and outside your home.

We knew that glass were made in a delicate and complex process of production. It began with lime, mixed sand and soda with added metallic oxides. It is to be cook and then let it cool. It has a liquid properties turned into solid. It can be molded, blown and made into different shapes, colors and textures.

You turn-on your TV to see your favorite programming. The picture was clear and the program was interesting without you knowing that the picture tube was made of glass that gives life to the screen where you are viewing.

How about your face? There might be something not good due to your over-application of cosmetics and facial make-up. How do you know if there's something wrong in your application if you will not use a mirror to see your face. Mirror is glass, remember?

The weather was too hot. Temperature of 38 degrees, too hot to manage. What you did inside your house is to prepare a refreshing drinks to quench your thirst to ebb away the inconvenience of a hot day. But wait.. what container did you use? A glass container where the yellow color of your drink was visible outside. At the bottom of the glass you saw some sugar granules undissolved during your mixture.

You have book shelves in your house. You bought glass stand to put your collection of art. The glass figurine was made into perfection by the hands of the glass maker. You were amazed of its beautiful designs and different colors. Its perfect and it seemed no flaws can be found. You placed it in your receiving room visible to your invited friends because you want them to admire your collection that you spent a lot of money.

What about the glass you use in your windows. You were using a colored glass in your jalousies. You selected a colorful one to have a better special background to people seeing your windows outside your house.

The uses of glass were varied and of different purpose where it fit. This glass were widely used in your home, supermarkets, cinemas and in buildings. Glass was everywhere. Stained glass found in churches and cathedrals were architectural wonders. When the reflection of sunlight bounces back to the stained glass, if becomes an array of different and wonderful colors. The craftsmanship and technical expertise were perfect. But having it is costly.

The use of glass shifted in response to the demand of modern technology. Glass became the great building materials used by architect in skycrapper with symphony of colors that added beauty to an engineering feat in constructing a glass building. It was one of the wonders in modern times.

Glass were widely used now in our supercomputers. In the glass fiber optics technology, it can transfer any kind of data in a blink of an eye whose pulses to transmit information was unbelievable. Thanks to the brilliant mind of our engineers, inventors who will not rest inventing, fabricating by installing glass as the prime materials for their new inventions. Even in the different modern hospitals, they were now using the fiber optic technology. Surgeons used a medical device so thin and flexible that can be inserted to the body of the patient to scan and look the internal organs. The doctors can easily conclude what particular health condition the patient has for an immediate and effective treatment.

The use of glass will continue in our modern world. It is now part of our modern life. As more years will pass, several inventions will keep coming for our use.


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