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AMD A8-4500m VS Intel Core I5 2450M

Updated on November 30, 2012

Intel Core I5 2450M (mobile)

Intel Core I5 2450 mobile processor offers you fast dual cores (2 core), which is based on Sandy Bridge architecture. It offers a smaller faster third level cache memory of 3MB. Clock speed at base is 2.5GHZ while on turbo boost it can reach up to 3.1GHz (1 core active) and 2.8 GHz (2 core active). Intel core I5 2450 offers you an integrated Graphic processing unit providing higher turbo clock speed and performance.

Based on Sandy bridge architecture which is the successor of the Arrandale architecture, offers integrated GPU into the 32nm CPU core, boosting its performance. Intel core I5 2450m (mobile) offers Intel HD 3000 graphic card integrated with the chip, sharing the same fast level cache memory of 3Mb. Intel core i5 2450 put itself a little high comparing to its previous Arrandle architecture based core i5 processors. With other integrated features Intel core i5-2450M offers AVX extension, DDR3 memory controller, Hyper Threading and much more.

AMD A8-4500M (mobile)

AMD A8-4500 mobile processor offers you fast four quad core (four cores) processors based on Trinity architecture. On the chip with AMD A8-4500M, Radeon HD 7640G graphic card is also integrated. AMD A8-4500M offers you a clock speed of 1.9GHz which can be boosted up to 2.8GHz via turbo booster. AMD A8-4500m uses Turbo core 3.0 to boost up only single thread performance, but it’s not enough comparing with Intel’s turbo boost. With GPU, AMD A8-4500M is integrated on a 32nm chip. AMD A8-4500M works on two modules containing four integrated cores and two floating point cores. With other integrated function AMD A8-4500M offers features like AES encryption, AVX extension and others. The integrated graphic card Radeon HD 7640G is compatible with the DirectX 11v, which offers us great performance in terms of graphics.

Comparison between Intel core i5 and AMD A8-4500M

Seeing processors it’s clear that Intel core i5-2450M has higher performance power comparing to AMD A8-4500M. So if you are looking for more processing power then go for Intel core I5-2450M but if not then go for AMD A8-4500M.

With AMD processor, there is an integrated AMD Radeon HD 7640G graphic card which has high graphic performance capabilities comparing to Intel HD 3000 graphic card.

Power consumption of both APU (Accelerated processing unit) is similar and rated at 35 Watt TDP. Power consumption of AMD processors is comparable with the Dual core Ivy Bridge processors (3rd generation processors of Intel).

In terms of Processing, AMD A8-4500m processing is comparable with the Intel core i3 processor series but graphically it’s higher than what Intel is offering in the Core i5 GPU.

In terms of GPU, Radeon HD 7640G on averages has higher performance and even faster than Intel HD 4000 Graphic card found in Ivy Bridge (Intel’s 3rd generation processors). AMD Radeon HD 7640G benchmark on games clearly shows that it has a better graphic performance comparing with Ivy Bridge processors (Intel's 3rd generation processors) GPU. I welcome you to post your comments regarding the feedback and any query about these two processors.


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