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AMD Phenom II 1090T review

Updated on June 10, 2010

6 Cores that don't cost $999

AMD had recently launched the Phenom II X6 series code named "Thuban". With the release of the Phenom II 1090T (its a BE) and the 1055T, AMD has really got 6 cores to the mainstream market, which was earlier restricted only to the 6 core, $999,i7 980X.

The two new processors, the 1055T and 1090T, do not compete with the 980X anyways, they provide really great performance for the price. They basically have the same architecture as the older Phenom II X4 processors, just that these have a few, very useful features. These newer X6 phenoms offer a feature very similar to Intel's Turbo boost, its called Turbo core. Its basically the same, if the software is not using all 6 cores, the processor automatically switches off the un used cores and overclocks the active cores. So basically its automatic overclocking :D .

now what makes these processors just awesome ? Well, its got to be the price ! The 1090T is $299, which is really good as it has an unlocked multiplier, and btw, you can overclock this chip very easily to 4GHz+ with minimal voltage tweaks.

But the really VFM processor IMO is the 1055T, at just $199, you get a hexa core processor clocked at 2.8GHz with 9MB of cache (3MB L2,6MB L3). Intel on the other hand has a Quad core i5 and a dual core i5 against this beast.

If you guys are wondering how the 1090T performs, here is the Full review:


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