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AMD Radeon HD 8870

Updated on February 1, 2013

Celebrating the new era, at CES 13 we are seeing some amazing next generation products. Ultra-HD televisions, Octa-core processors in mobiles, next generation gaming cards for both mobile and desktop devices etc. are some products going to come out in 2013.

Both AMD and Nvidia geared up to fight with AMD 8000 series and with Nvidia 700 series. We discussed about AMD Radeon HD 8000 series and Nvidia Geforce GTX700 series that’s why I am not going to bore you with that. Here we are to discuss about AMD Radeon HD 8870m and its specs sheet with HD 7870m and GTX 660m. Benchmarking for HD 8870m is still unknown and I will update it when it will be finally in the market.

AMD Radeon 8870m is a mobile GPU for mobiles devices such as laptops, ultra-books and etc. and it’s from AMD Radeon HD 8000m series. AMD Radeon 8870m will surly provide significant improvement in gameplay and applications. It’s a powerful GPU by AMD that uses AMD award winning technology Graphic next core (GNC).

Samsung Chronos laptops are already lined up with the new AMD 8000m series. Samsung Chronos utilizes AMD Radeon HD 8870m and you can watch its teaser video at YouTube. Let discuss some features of AMD Radeon HD 8870m:

Feature List

  • AMD Enduro technology to power down the GPU when not required and power up the GPU when required to consume less power.
  • Advanced AMD catalyst controller to provide advance graphic supports for pc programs and videos.
  • 6 Display support through AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology.
  • AMD Zero core technology to consume ultra-low power at idle state.
  • AMD PowerTune technology for dynamic clock speed enhancement much like Nvidia Turbo boost.
  • DirectX 11.1 support for better graphics.
  • Support OpenGl v4.2.
  • AMD HD Stereoscopic 3D display/glasses support.

Let us discuss its Spec sheet with AMD Radeon HD 7870m and Nvidia Geforce GTX 660m:

AMD Radeon HD 8870m
AMD Radeon HD 7870m
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660m
GCN (Graphics Core Next)
Core Speed
725 MHz
800 MHz
835 MHz
Shader Speed
725 MHz
800 MHz
835 MHz
Memory Speed
1125 MHz
1000 MHz
2000 MHz
Memory Bus Width
128 Bit
128 Bit
128 Bit
Memory Type
Memory Size
2048 MB
2048 MB
2048 MB
1.5 Billion
28 nm
28 nm
28 nm
AMD Radeon HD 8870m specsheet
  • Radeon 8870m core speed isn’t much lower in comparison with AMD HD 7870m but HD 8870m has better memory speed comparing to HD 7870m and is up by 125 MHz.
  • So HD 8870m best comparison is with HD 7870m and Nvidia Geforce 660m though memory speeds of Nvidia 660m is much higher than HD 7870m and HD 8870m.
  • So if anyone wants to see the performance of AMD Radeon HD 8870m then I will recommend seeing the performance of HD 7870m and Nvidia 660m.
  • Though don’t get your hopes up to play games of 2012 on this card on ultra-high settings. Games of 2012 and 2013 on high setting will be playable on this card.
  • With Graphic next core technology it will boost up HD 8870m performance and speed up to 20-30% comparing to the last generation chips.


I talked about Nvidia and AMD in AMD Radeon HD 8000 article and it’s true that AMD is for “Raw power” and Nvidia for “High performance”.

Because of this new graphic card integration, laptops and ultra-books with this card are going to be costly. With AMD Radeon HD 8870m, Samsung chronos will cost you $1500+.

For sure with AMD new graphic chip for mobile release, I am eagerly waiting for Nvidia Geforce GTX700. I am excited to compare the result of AMD 8870m with Nvidia 760m and Nvidia 770m.

Samsung Chronos with AMD Radeon HD 8870

Samsung Chronos at CES 13


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