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AMD vs Intel in 2018

Updated on July 18, 2018

AMD vs Intel


Team RED vs Team BLUE

When it comes to building a new computer or purchasing a new PC, the ultimate question that keeps running in our minds is whether to go with team blue or team red. Intel and AMD have been fighting in the arena for a very long time and
both the companies have had their equal share of ups and downs. Now, in 2018 which one of these two have the upper hand of dominating the industry.

To be honest the ultimate aim of both the companies is to be better than the other and this is more obvious with intel. With the release of coffee lake and skylake X we could pretty much figure out that Intel wanted to give AMD a run for its money, but that ultimately failed. Whereas after their failure to attract more crowd with the FX series of cpu's, AMD definitely made a banging return with the RYZEN series of processors. Infact RYZEN became one of the most recommended CPU's as it provided more value and performance for what the consumer was shelling out. But again this was the period when the team blue counterparts suffered very badly as their motive was only to increase the core count and not make it price efficient. So, 2017 was the year of Ryzen and Threadripper and the sole reason behind it was the value oriented performance it provided for the user. For below $300 you could get a 8 core beast and this was a dream come true for many streamers and content producers. But all this was 2017, and the war between Ryzen 2nd Generation and Cannon Lake is about to begin.

AMD will have an amazing year in 2018 if they keep rolling out CPUs as good as the Ryzen 5 2600X and the Ryzen 7 2700X. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen 2 CPUs are expected to arrive this fall. It's rumoured that we will be receiving a 32
core, 64 thread monster of a CPU for around $1700. If the rumours are true then intel will be under peer pressure to provide a CPU that provides the same level of performance for much cheaper. We all know that coffee lake was a good upgrade over skylake or kaby lake as intel threw in extra cores for about the same price as the previous versions, but it still wasn't enough to compete against the aggressively priced 1st gen ryzen chips. Ryzen was not only cheap but also provided amazing performance and all thanks to the new zen architecture. Now, it's all upto the upcoming Intel Cannon Lake chips to do wonders and get the industry talking about them. But they have already moved the launch of the cannon lake chips to 2019. Cannon lake is based on a new 10nm architecture and from data collected by few sources it's clear that part of the delay comes from the increasing breakdown in Moore’s Law i.e as we approach smaller and smaller transistor sizes, it becomes increasingly harder for companies to keep up with the two year doubling that Moore’s Law demands. From this we can definitely say that coffee lake is still going to be competing with Ryzen 2 and this is an advantage for AMD.

Until Cannon lake releases or intel aggresively cuts the price of their products, they have no chance to stand against the Ryzen Gen 2 chips. But both the teams have their own strengths. When it comes to gaming, then Intel is the obvious choice as Intel chips are all about more restricted thread settings. Games are much more multi-threaded today than they were in the past, but they rarely use more than two to four threads, which typically gives Intel the edge and the higher clock speeds on the intel chips give it slight advantage when it comes to gaming. But we aren't saying ryzen is bad either. The difference is only in the frame rate at which the game runs. Statistically speaking not all users have high refresh rate monitors. With 60hz monitors being dominant you won't be able to tell them apart. But all this small difference is applicable only to the higher end CPUs. As we climb down to the budget models, thats where we can see the power of intel being highlighted. Ultimately, Intel chips tend to be better for gaming of today, but that doesn’t mean you should count AMD out. But when it comes to ryzen processors, it is all about the multi threaded performance. Yes, there are similarly specced Intel counter-parts that provide a little extra juice to your work, but you have to shell out more than deserved. This is where AMDs ryzen 2 and threadripper CPU's come into play. They provide identical performance for much cheaper costs. This eventually makes it a better option for content creators and streamers. Now, rather than spending around $5000 on an intel based machine, creators/streamers could get the same performance for around 4 grand or less. Now this is where the AMD ryzen CPUs shine.

Now, if you ask us "which CPU is the best", there is no certain answer to that. Each manufacturer have their own strengths and weakness and it all comes to our personal preference to select the right CPU. If you are a die hard gamer
then you could go with intel, if you are a content creator and want to get your money's worth then choose threadripper. So when it comes to choosing your next upgrade, looking at the individual performance numbers of the chip you want to
buy is still your best bet. Thanks to Ryzen’s amazing leap over AMD chips in terms of power and value, the CPU market is now highly competitive. Hope Intel would come out with something powerful to hit the industry by storm.

Which company would you go with ?

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© 2018 Sumanth Sidharthan


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