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ASUS EEE Slate Review - Best Slate in Market

Updated on October 3, 2015

The Asus EEE Slate is a power horse amongst fellow tablets like the iPad which are not necessarily its competitors. Designed for the productive professional, the EEE Slate is one tablet that brings all the features of a Windows computer to the hands of its user. It’s basically a desktop computer without the bulk of keyboard or a mouse, all you get for input are a capacitive touchscreen and a stylus to tap here and there.


At 312 x 207 x 17mm the EEE Slate is a bulky tablet with a large screen. This comes in as being both good and bad. Bad in the sense that the tablet is one of the largest you’d see out there and good being its larger screen gives you more room to acclimatize to operating the Windows 7 OS with your fingers rather than a mouse and keyboard.

Taking a visual inspection, the ASUS EEE Slate features a 12.1 inch capacitive touch display surrounded by a black bezel and a front facing camera. On its side are ports for USB, HDMI output, an SD Slot and a hide-away hole for the stylus that comes with it. If you’ve began wondering how the Windows On-Screen keyboard looks like, well ASUS doesn’t want you to think too much as they’ve included a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard that connects and acts as well a keyboard once you hit a dedicated Bluetooth button on the side of the tablet.

The EEE Slate also comes with an Accelerometer which lets you operate it in portrait or landscape modes.


The 2 MegaPixel Camera on the EEE Slate is front facing. Useful for video conferencing or taking photos of yourself. This device does not come with a back camera.

Storage & Ports

The EEE Slate packs in a 32GB or 64GB SSD hard disk for storage. An MMC or SD card may also serve to provide additional storage should there be a need. The EEE Slate boasts of two USB ports, an HDMI port, and the SD card slot.

Processor & Graphics

Asus decided to bring out the big guns for the EEE slate opting to go for Intel’s dual-core Core i5-470 processor clocked at 1.3GHz. Supporting the processor in its processing duties is 4GB of DDR3 RAM.


The ASUS EEE Slate Tablet PC runs on Windows 7 Home Premium. There’s been no UI customizations from ASUS so users get the same Windows installed on their laptops or a desktop exactly the way it is. Everything runs just how you would expect except user input on this tablet requires your fingers or a bit of prodding using the stylus.


While we can all agree that Windows 7 was not designed with tablets in mind, we can also agree that the EEE Slate is one amongst the few Windows 7 tablets that are actually usable. Its 12 inch screen delivers a larger surface area for users to touch or tap at meaning those little icons to minimize or maximize a window otherwise clicked on with the mouse, appear a little big bigger on the screen. Thankfully, ASUS includes a Bluetooth keyboard so if your hands ever get tired, just hit the Bluetooth button and you’re good to do.

If there are any issues with the EEE Slate it would have to be its weight and battery life. Coming in at 1.2kg, it falls on the other side of the weight spectrum that leaves it less desirable for active use without having some sort of surface for added support. Battery life on another hand is as dismal as it should get on a tablet. Bringing out just 2 and a half hours of juice before it runs out, the ASUS EEE Slate may have lost the whole tablet essence.

5 stars for ASUS EEE Slate


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