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ASUS N53SM-ES72 15.6-Inch Laptop (Silver Aluminum)

Updated on May 8, 2012

ASUS N53SM-ES72 15.6-Inch Laptop (Silver Aluminum)


ASUS N53SM-ES72 with Intel i7 Processor

With the ASUS N53SM-ES72 which is one of the most popular products from ASUS, a well known laptop manufacturer for years, you will be able to enjoy using a powerful machine, especially with the main specs, such as Intel i7-2670QM processor, 6GB of RAM, nVIDIA GeForce GT630M graphics card, combined with an ASUS Optimus Technology enhances every multimedia experiences with the 15.6 inch Full HD screen that has 16:9 aspect ration which is perfect for watching HD videos and HD web contents.

ASUS N53SM-ES72 15.6-Inch Laptop (Silver Aluminum)

ASUS is a particular widely known electronic company, includes Sonic Master Theater feature on this ASUS N53SM-ES72 to raise the sharpness of the audio quality and even to clean sound system. These high specs features offer portable computer buyers getting a truthfully best computing activities experience that is certainly hard to get these days, especially in an affordable price range. The brand new GT630M Graphic Card which is coming from nVIDIA additionally includes Steroscopic 3D technology for any kind of high end games, mmorpgs and films, furthermore the DirectX 11 feature, or even nVidia PhysX & CUDA Systems, and also the Optimus Technology will give the most excellent battery life you will ever experience in a laptop and even better, it won't decrease the laptop's functionality.

The laptop has a standard HDMI port, although nothing special with this feature, you will be able to have a laptop that can offer ultimate multimedia experience like a premium home theatre products available. Simply connect your laptop to your HDTV or other monitor, and you are all set.

The other multimedia feature which is called, Video Magic feature, is actually a computer program that will increase graphics quality of any 1080p HD videos in terms of playback and frame rates.

Let's take a look at the features which are included in this Video Magic software:

  1. To boost any DVD contents or movies HD qualities, it has Power DVD9 with the True Theatre feature
  2. For the best GPU accelerated movies editor, this software has the effective PowerDirect 7 feature
  3. The trial version of Media Show Espresso which is widely known as multi media content or media converter
  4. Amazingly smooth multitasking experience

This ASUS N53SM-ES72 came with the latest version of USB, which is version 3.0 for faster file transferring tasks, which can reach 10x faster of USB v2.0, with this newer USB port, you can easily and speedily transfer or copy your files from one computer to another. Waiting for file transfer in a slower computer is irritating, especially if you have a bigger file size, with this laptop, it has been amazing to process a 25 GB blu ray movie which only needs 60 seconds!

This ASUS N53SM-ES72 15 inch laptop is also proven to be the most affordable laptop in its category, with the Intel i7 series processor, 6GB RAM, etc, it gives your money the best value. Affordable priced devices doesn't always mean having lower quality devices, and that's how we can exactly describe this laptop. Other than main specs, you will also get a very responsive keyboard and trackpad. The trackpad is made from a fine material which makes any usages comfortable and convenient. Unlike other "budget laptops" out there, this laptop has premium look from the cover, keyboard, as well as the trackpad. The storage is 750 GB 7200 RPM hard drive, beats other laptops that have 5400 RPM speed, and it's 720GB not the standard 640GB, you will certainly have more than enough storage in a 15 inch laptop. With a 7200RPM hard drive, this laptop is a work horse, not forget to mention the main specs such as i7 processor and 6GB RAM as mentioned above.


Some computer users will find pre-installed software useful, therefore, ASUS has included great features and special ASUS software to enable the users to enhance their computer experience. The ASUS N53SM-ES72 is a perfect laptop for anyone who looks for a standard, and intermediate laptop that can be use for browsing internet, video messengers, skype, editing photos and movies, as well as gaming on a laptop.

Having a top notch laptop doesn't always cost more than $1000, this ASUS N53SM-ES72 laptop is a prove, it has specs like a 1000 dollars laptop, but it costs half of it.


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