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ATI Laptop graphics card comparison

Updated on December 11, 2010

With the current naming scheme of ATI laptop graphics cards (mobility graphics cards), its very ease to go wrong. At first look,they seem very similar to their desktop counterparts, but do not expect them to perform anywhere near that level.

Let me start off with the high end laptop graphics cards, their current fastest is the Mobility 5870, Madison XT. The card is equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, the GPU has 800 shader processors - which is half that of the desktop 5870. It uses a 128 bit bus. These specifications are very similar to that of a desktop HD 5770,so expect similar performance.

The other cards that come in the high end segment are the mobility HD 5850 and mobility HD 5830,which are the same as the Mobility HD 5870,with slightly slower clock speeds. Hence you will get around similar performance. You can play most new games, such as DIRT 2, Battlefield Bad company 2, Crysis at high settings at 1080p with some AA.

But these cards come on pretty expensive laptops, which generally cost around $1000+. But not all need or afford such high end stuff, hence even low end or mid range graphics cards fill their needs. So see how other ATI laptop graphics cards perform, please click here:


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