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ATI laptop graphic cards

Updated on September 04, 2010

ATI had launched the HD 5000 series graphics cards for desktops a long long time back. Without doubt, they were a great success, not only due to the great performance and low power consumption, but also due to the lack of any "real" competition.

Well, ATI's Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series is very different from their desktop counterparts and this can sometimes be a bit miss-leading. Don't get me wrong, ATI has not done any rebranding like Nvidia or anything like that, its just the specifications are very different to those of the desktop cards.

Dominate your game !
Dominate your game !

ATI Mobility Radeon 5000 series

This series of Mobile (laptop) graphics cards consist of mainly the following GPUs:

  • Mobility HD 5870 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5850 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5830 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5770 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5750 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5730 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5650 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5165 (DX10.1)
  • Mobility HD 5470 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5145 (DX10.1)
  • Mobility HD 5450 (DX11)
  • Mobility HD 5430 (DX11)

So thats pretty much it, I may have missed a few, so do inform me and I will do my best to get the info and help you guys compare these cards and decide what is best for your need. The series is in descending order of performance, so if your card is higher up the list, its faster.

For a more detailed analysis of each card and its comparison to desktop graphics cards, please visit:


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