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ATT Conference – Managing Global Business Conferences Economically

Updated on June 2, 2011

AT&T, a more than century old company, is the global leader in the telecommunications technology. It is the top telecom service provider in USA and offers hosts of services ranging from basic local and long distance voice calls, wireless communications, high speed broadband connectivity, Wi-Fi services, audio, video and web conferences.

ATT conference is the most preferred and economical method of conducting global business in the tech-savvy world.

Salient Features of ATT Conference

  • Rates vary with the types of services such as automatic dial-in, operator dialed, operator assisted dial-in and web meetings.
  • In automatic dial-in service, all the participants dial in to the conference and they are automatically joined in.
  • In operator-dialed service, AT&T teleconference specialists handle all the arrangements by dialing out to every participant including the host and add them to the call.
  • Operator assisted dial-in are ideally suitable if you want to add personal customer service touch and other security features depending upon the type of your business segment.
  • In web meetings, all the participants log in to the meeting from their individual PC

Benefits of ATT Conference

  • Convenience – You will receive one dial-in number and access code for all the services when you order ATT call conference.
  • Pay only for what you use – There are no fees for setting up the conference or carrying charges. You will pay only for the calls made by you.
  • No worries about long-term commitments – There aren’t any obligations to carry on the account. You can cancel the account whenever you want. AT&T automatically closes all the accounts that are inactive for more than six months.
  • Choice of multiple services – you can chose convenient options like toll-free and caller-paid numbers depending upon your needs.
  • Reliability and Quality – AT&T' advanced and innovative technology and World Wide Network ensures hundred percent reliability and quality of service.
  • In web Meetings, you can add visual aides to your presentations. You do not need any special hardware or software. Standard browser and reliable web connectivity are the only requirements. Web meetings are ideal for affordable teleconferencing, video presentations to global clients, project team training and conferences, remote customer training. You pay only for the calls without paying any set up fees or carrying charges.
  • Participants can use web meetings as private chat rooms by sending text messages and upload/download files and images. You can conduct online survey with immediate results in tabular form. You can avail recording and playback facilities. AT&T's customer support personnel can assist in troubleshooting customer' PC. Above all, you are assured the security of your business information with SSL encryption.


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