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AT&T Needs to Be Brought down Hard for Its Stance against Net Neutrality

Updated on August 21, 2012
AT&T's FaceTime Restrictions
AT&T's FaceTime Restrictions

AT&T's FaceTime Transgressions

A short while ago, rumors were afloat that AT&T would not allow the application known as FaceTime on its wireless data networks. FaceTime is nothing but a video chat application that runs on iOS and has been popularized by television advertisements by Apple. Previously, any user could use FaceTime only over Wi-Fi. With the introduction of the latest model of the iPhone, AT&T has started to "allow" the application to run on its wireless data networks as well. While this sounds like great news for customers, there are two problems with it. In the first place, AT&T had no business restricting FaceTime communication over their wireless data networks. Customers after all pay their fair share for the bandwidth that they consume. Who is AT&T to tell them what they can and cannot do with that bandwidth?

The second problem is that this new plan of AT&T to allow FaceTime on the networks is only valid if customers purchase an extra expensive package for their phone that they might not need at all. Earlier this year, the SEC instituted some weak net neutrality rules. But even though they lacked teeth especially in the wireless sector, AT&T's restrictions still violate them. It's as if both AT&T and Verizon give two hoots about the standing principle of net neutrality that has propelled the Internet into our world today.

Customer Backlash – the Only Weapon

Ultimately it will be the outcry of customers that will finally get AT&T to respect their net neutrality rights. As of now, AT&T is doing whatever it thinks it can get away with. Hoping that customers won't notice or won't care about how they're being fleeced. Telecom companies have always been against the principle of net neutrality since it forces them to become "dumb pipes" who merely act as a middleman between the content provider and the customer.

Allowing AT&T to get away with this will set a dangerous precedent and will impact all other future innovative Internet applications such as VoIP usage. If you rely on the Internet for your everyday life, be warned that it is currently under heavy attack. Unless and until AT&T and Verizon are slapped hard and are shown the limits of what is acceptable, they will continue to boldly pushed the boundaries and take advantage of customers.

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