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ATT U-verse vs. Time Warner Cable

Updated on October 1, 2012

Which do You Prefer? AT&T Uverse or Time Warner Cable

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Communications Giants Collide

The fight for dominance in the market for triple play services is one that has become extremely competitive in recent times. Cable companies now have stiff competition in the form of telcos that are leveraging fiber-optic technology to deliver what they consider to be a more affordable and dependable service. Two service providers right in the thick of things are AT&T and Time Warner Cable. AT&T’s U-verse is being rapidly deployed in new markets, but how does it really match up? Here is a comparison to give you some insight on where it stands against Time Warner.

Key Features

AT&T U-verse

On the surface, U-verse offers a myriad of features that make it hard to pass up. This includes a fully loaded internet service equipped with free anti-virus software, spam protection with SpamGuard, 10 free email accounts, and a personalized homepage. If you are TV fanatic, then the Total Home DVR is where it’s at. This innovative digital video recorder gives you the power to record programs on one TV and play them back on any set in your home. It also provides remote control capability that allows you to record shows from your PC or mobile phone. Picture-in-picture channel surfing, a customizable programming guide, and a suite of interactive applications show that AT&T is well prepared for the digital TV revolution.

Time Warner Cable

Fierce competition has forced cable providers to ramp up their efforts and those improvements are reflected in Time Warner’s impressive triple play offering. Time Warner delivers the goods when it comes to sports programming, on-demand options, and HD especially. The cable giant offers more than 100 high definition channels featuring popular options such as USA, The Weather Channel and ABC Family that are freely available on HD receivers. Time Warner’s digital phone service is pretty basic, but RoadRunner, its internet service, is definitely worth talking about. RoadRunner offers free wireless home networking, webmail and multiple email accounts, comprehensive parent controls, and a fully integrated internet security suite complete with a firewall, spam protection, and anti-virus software. As you can see, great features are plentiful regardless of what provider you decide to go with.

Customer Service and Technical Support

AT&T U-verse and Time Warner both have well designed support systems to help their customers rest a bit easier. By hopping online, you can access documentation that helps you diagnosis and troubleshoot issues related to your phone, TV or internet service. You can also obtain support over the phone whereas with most services, the quality depends on a number of factors. While we cannot guarantee that you will fall in love with the support provided by either company, we can tell you that Time Warner has far fewer documented instances of complaints and bad service than AT&T. However on the other hand, Time Warner Cable has been expanding its bandwidth throttling practices.

Reliability and Performance

BBB accredited since 1970, Time Warner is a seasoned company with tons of experience. We think this speaks volumes on behalf of its reliability. The cable service provider has an excellent reputation for blazing internet speeds and ensuring a very acceptable degree of availability. Despite AT&T’s long tenor as a telecommunications company, AT&T U-verse on the other hand, is a relatively new product with some kinks that need to be worked out. If you are someone who frequents the online forums, then you may have run across existing customers complaining of issues with picture quality, connectivity, and availability among others. Of course these are not problems everyone is experiencing, both it does speak to the immaturity of U-verse.

Overall Value

All in all, AT&T U-verse and Time Warner are two quality services capable of suiting the needs of most customers. Due to the experience factor however, Time Warner may be the most dependable option at this time. Should you decide to give U-verse a shot, try to take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee - just in case you determine that the service does not live up to your expectations.

If you are evaluating the packages of both services make sure to check out this comprehensive Time Warner Cable and AT&T U-verse Comparison.


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    • profile image

      Lawrence 4 years ago

      AT&T Universe requires a 2 year contract. If I have a problem I get to call back in 2 years to threaten cancellation for good customer service. I am keeping my Time Warner Cable. Netflix online is wonderful on Time Warner Cable.

    • profile image

      RK 5 years ago

      I am not a tech guy, just need internet for my 2 bed apartment sharing one tv, one laptop, one ipad and one desktop so, interms of internet speed At&T Uverse really sucks.. I had TW for almost 7 years as I don't have an option to select AT&T service in my area , waiting for other services to come in .. recently we recived AT&T service and switched to AT&T - 29.99 monthly plan for 10-12 MBPS as advertised and started all the trouble, the speed is not good having everyday trouble watching netfilix it was just streaming at 0.5 -1.0 mbps really sucks.. I never had such problem with TW. BTW what is fiber optics just a cheap cable hooked up to my telephone wall jack ?Just think once before you switch.

    • profile image

      ryan 5 years ago

      lawrence Oh...I forgot...TIME WARNER CABLE SUCKS...please repost and share with the universe...

    • seigfried23 profile image

      seigfried23 5 years ago

      Excellent summation and comparison of the two services. I'd like to see one on Comcast as well. Great hub!

    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago

      We recently switched from twc and vonage-phone to Uverse tv Internet and phone. This was a new service offered in our area. The quality of our service is very good although it we did initially have several weeks of pixilation problems. Here's my analysis.

      Installation. Took about 2-3 weeks to get installed. They ran a temporary line across our yard. We had pixilation problems starting on week#1. The service tech came out several times to make adjustments. Problems were corrected but then returned. AT&T seems to have different teams involved. Ones that only do new installations and others that are line technicians.

      We called customer service no less than 6 times to report pixilation problem and they would always send out a technician the next day. They buried a permanent cable about a week later but pixilation problems were persistent. We finally got a line technician. One with a traditional phone experience and he found the problem which was at the street level.

      If you are contemplating switching to Uverse. Expect initial setup problems, be persistent with customer service and the technician they send out. Our technicians always gave their business card out. Call them instead of customer service as you will get a quicker response.

      AT&T customer service had 1-2 min wait times but they haven't figured out how to do warm phone transfers so be prepared to answer the same questions with each dept you transfer to.

      Costs. They nickle and dime you with equipment rental costs but overall it is a few bucks higher but our Internet and phone quality is better. We had vonage service for several years and started experiencing echoing, one way only voicing. I couldn't tell if it was vonage or twc but we figured it was time to try something new. AT&T voice is higher cost about 45 a month compared to vonage but our quality is excellent.

      AT&T will offer up to 200.00 in a gift card to offset their installation fees. Our first bill was over 350 because of the installation fees. The rewards cards offsets this. The card worked great except for the fact that tracking the balance on the card is more difficult than it should be.

      Our recent bill is around 161 that includes phone @42 Tv/DVD for 4 TVs @ 80. And Internet at 35 and the rest in taxes. All these are on a discounted plan for the next year.

      After discussing our 1st month bill with an AT&T rep she realized the disruptions we had in the first month and approved a one time credit around 150.00. She told me that AT&T really wants a satisfied customer and this financial consideration was a very positive experience.

      Final advice is to be persistent. If quality is poor ask for credit against your bill.

    • profile image

      Keisha from the hood 5 years ago

      Hiii, yes them people does give you credit if it bees messed up... Huh huh... You know what I sayin? I can't bees honest.... Ohhh noo I gots to be a dumb ass and cheat the system... But I am uses to its.... Obama 2012 ALL THE WAY....

    • profile image

      keisha lemons 5 years ago

      I love twcable they are the best they give u credit for not having service if your services goes out.

    • profile image

      BringingtheEQUALIZER 5 years ago

      First off both of these products travel over copper wire. One is coax and one is twisted pair. They both use fiber to a NODE or to a DSLAM. This whole claim that ATT makes that it is Fiber to the house is straight up BS. They run the twisted pair trunk over a mile from the DSLAM to the premises this is called "FTTN" in uverse terms. They do FTTH which were they physically run fiber to your house which they are NOT doing they just tell you that so you will buy it. Onto another thing, Yes the DVR is kinda cool from ATT but TWC is now launching a new GUI on there boxes which speeds up the converter and fixes some HDCP errors over HDMI. Also TWC offers Motorola and Samsung and Cisco boxes now.

      Ok, so onto the SDV. SDV is just to free up bandwidth by cutting off the stream if it is not being utilized by anyone. As far as loosing channel this will not happen unless the box is knocked out of 2way, which if you noticed cable modems are 2way also, so this means the boxes use a DOCSIS frequency for there return path. So if you do not have issues with the internet usually you will not have issues with the channels going out on you.

      The funny thing is me and a ATT tech were talking about both of our systems and how they work behind the senses comparing TWC which has shared bandwidth but are going to use 64QAM at 6mhz channels on the Upstream instead of the 3.5mhz.... and 6mhz channel at 256QAMx4 on the Downstream.... Its called channel bonding.... While ATT uses 16QAM at 3.5mhz channel on the upstream and downstream..... This means more bandwidth for TWC...... Then the ATT guy made me laugh when he made a funny comment saying "ITS JUST THE FLAVOR OF THE MONTH" on who has the lower price on there product................... ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this being said don't listen to there BS and don't always go off what other people say because there are a lot of people who don't know jack when it comes to electronics and just think its gonna work with there jerry rigged setup.

    • profile image

      hh 5 years ago

      U-verse is $30/month for 12 months compare to a similar plan from TW of $45/month. I definitely go with AT&T U-verse. TW need to adjust their price to stay in competition!

    • profile image

      Samiehl 5 years ago

      Misnomer: AT&T's connection isn't really fiber optic, that ends when they connect to your home thru existing copper wire or cable, so you're gaining nothing. My AT&T techs tell me Uverse isn't going well with installation and VRAD issues. TW shows up, gets it done, high flying Internet speed very little latency. AT&T customer service a runaround to no where, they don't care. Came to my home couldn't install, even though it's all around me, area manager says can't help. Call then to adjust bill, they try to resell uverse they can't install! I don't thing so Tim!

    • profile image

      Icabod Crane 5 years ago

      Time Warner is old Copper based Cable TV and Internet... it was good for the 80's and 90's but now its 2012... U-verse is fiber-optic TV and Internet... everything runs smoother, faster, prettier on Fiber! FACT! And to top it all off Fiber-Optics are usually more Cost-Effective.... I know tons of people who lowered their bills dramatically by switching to U-verse from TW! I love my U-verse TV and especially Internet! Its way faster and it stays fast.... my old TW just fluctuated in speed all night long! What I've found was in the past about 2 years ago lots of people had technical issues with U-verse and that's to be expected its a newer service and they had to work out lots of bugs... but now it seems to all be ancient history... its working for everyone I know... everyone I know is waiting for it to be turned on in their neighborhood! So absolutely switch to U-verse.... and better yet... if you see a U-Verse rep in your neighborhood... go grab them and ask for their best promotions... those guys are super courteous!

    • profile image

      Mike J 5 years ago

      Time Warner Customer Services Sucks, I've had to call Customer service 3 times, i got three different reps,and three different answers to my questions. Now as far as internet speeds i think TW has the fastest, but some many times I've had appointments with TW techs to come fix the issue and they never show up or call. I'm going to try U Verse just because I'm tired of dealing with TW BS.

    • profile image

      Andy 6 years ago

      I have really hard dance with Time Warner two month ago.

      Every time i have a problem with there connection no choice but dance with TW.

      I switch over to ATT this month.

      Customer Service - Very nice.

      Deal, promo, price, speed.

      i got 18mbps for $30 with 1 year con.

      Because of nice customer service i choose ATT.

      How about you guys??

    • profile image

      Sam Walton 6 years ago

      AT&T and Time Warner are indeed in a battle of internet speeds and data flow. Politics are prevalent. I believe that Time Warner has a lot on their hands right now as they need to continue to update to the newer infrastructure that drives the entire "internet" to their customers. AT&T Support is questionably sound. I have had good tech support agents and less experienced tech support agents throughout my experience with AT&T. Communication with the customer should be #1.

      "For every cable end there is and equal and opposite cable end"

    • profile image

      Sandra 6 years ago

      uhh, Time Warner is way better. Keep in mind that Time Warnes has been around with all its services for a longer time.

    • profile image

      Brian 6 years ago

      I agree with the comments about AT&T customer service. You get the run around, are told one thing, then another is delivered. Quoted a price then find out they didn't give you what they said you were getting and then up the price. Try to work it out w customer service and you are sent from one office to the other, no one has the authoruty to fix it and everytime you call you have to fight through an automated service.

      Internet speed is hands down faster with AT&T. Granted I had a base service at Timewarner and AT&T put me on their 18MB promo, but I can tell you when downloading something, there is no comparison. Now, at times, it takes around the same amount of time to download, but on the whole I would say AT&T is sometimes 10 or more times as fast. but that is not really comparing apples to apples.

      AT&T also offers wireless set top boxes, so I don't have to mess with moving furniture to hook up. And as a cool feature I can move a TV out on the deck for a party and use a wireless box and not have to worry about running a cable wire.

      Now Timewarner had its advantages. I miss the HD Primetime on demand channels. If I forget to record a show or my DVR fails, I can watch it later on demand in full HD. If AT&T service interrupts, I miss the show. no watching it without trying to stream it online.

      And I never really lost signal with cable or had any pixelation. I can tell you I had dropped signals several times the first few days and have seen it a few times since then. And during sports like March Madness and shows with bright moving lights like concerts, I have definitely noticed pixelation I never had with the same TV with cable. Others have said its your TV quality... I don't buy it. This TV is less than a year old and was not cheap.

      Only other thing that confuses me about At&T is they say you can record UP TO 4 channels in HD. My tech set me up and said I had great signal, but only set it up for me to get 3 HD channels and the fourth had to be standard definition. He told me it was like breaking in a car, not to go full throttle up front? Huh? What? So he told me to call customer service after a few months and ask them to bump up to the 4th HD channel capability. That coincidentally is after you are locked in to a contract so lets hope they work with me.

    • profile image

      ATTisLAME 6 years ago

      I am shopping around for a new cable/internet/telephone provider as I'll be moving to a new area and my current provide is not there. I first contacted ATT about their Uverse. I told them EXACTLY what my current service offers (incl internet speeds, phone service, and cable channels) and asked for a similar package and the price. Simple, right? WRONG. The first ATT customer rep said, "I can help you" and after all of the above said, "Great news, we offer Uverse in your area!" (Really, genius? Maybe that's why I CONTACTED you??). Then she said she had to pass me on to the next rep who handles U-verse (than who the HECK was she??). I asked if she would provide all the info I gave to the next rep so I wouldn't have to repeat everything. She said, "Sure thing!"...and passed me on. The next rep came on and said, "How can I help you?" Excuse you? Don't you KNOW already? I said, didn't the last rep tell you. His response, "NO". AWESOME! At this point FIFTEEN minutes have been wasted and I don't even have a simple answer to my simple question! So I repeat everything in one breath and he INSISTS on asking each question separately. I refused at this point. So finally, after a LOOOOONG pause, he says, okay how about I give you the price? Wow, they have GENIUSES working there, people - take note! NOT. Then he comes back with, "Oh, I think the Latino packet will be a great choice for you". UM, I never said I want Spanish channels - I only speak ENGLISH. I told him this, and he said, "You said you have all channels" - I said, right, all MOVIE channels. (doh!). So he goes, let me ask you some questions....OMG!! I said, you know what, I'm going to go with Time Warner. I haven't even spoken with their rep YET, but they HAVE to be better than this! 25 minutes wasted, and NOT one answer given by ATT. THEY ROCK, right to the bottom of the list! Wow.

    • profile image

      lucy 6 years ago

      AT&T sucks. First they lied about the service date/installation. An online agent told me it would be in 3-5 business days, and then I get an email saying it will take more than two weeks! When I called customer service they did nothing. So I called Time Warner and they scheduled an appointment for the very next day. Now I am trying to cancel the Uverse service. I called the department for new services, they answered immediately, and now I am on hold for almost 20 minutes waiting for someone to answer to cancel my service.

    • profile image

      TVConnaseur 6 years ago

      So I've worked for TW and ATT U-Verse as a Tech... I've also worked the phones for both in either Tech support or sales... I've heard the phone calls for both customers for both Companies... and the winner is.... hands Down U-Verse is the better Service... not even a competition anymore... for all those who said it didn't work... for all those who had technical problems(i.e. pix-elation, phone problems, etc) that happens with any compnay but I did the numbers and its clearly a better system with Fiber-Optics... I will say U-verse being newer had bugs to sort out in the past years but now it's clearly better than my old Time Warner... Comparing U-verse to TW is like comparing apples to oranges... One's copper TV and Internet and one's Fiber-Optic TV and Internet... With My U-Verse I get every channel in HD! Every Channel! Up to 170 are in 1080i! TW has 8! Do the math!... you want 8 1080hd channels or 170 and growing! My internet is also faster and stays fast... it doesn't fluctuate like it used to with TW! And to top it off I get movie channels just included with my package and I pay less than I did with TW! I thank God that I gave the U-Verse guy a chance at my door! He wasn't pushy or rude... he simply found out my concerns and hot spots and then he showed my options. U-Verse I can see now will dominate in the years to come... everyone I know is switching as soon as they can! Sooner or later everyone will be on Fiber-Optics... will you be the last one?

    • profile image

      miels 6 years ago

      if you are having picture quality issues pays to buy a Samsung with features to negate the picture quality issues in advance settings. Cheap TVs equal inability to prOduce the comparable and in my opinion better picture that can be enjoyed on uverse. So the reason you got your flat screen for under $700 bucks ls now apparently clear.

    • profile image

      thefeds 6 years ago

      The customer is always right, wrong...

      If you like being treated like a second class citizen/ customer, ATT is the provider for you.

      If you only desire to speak to automated telephone support, ATT is the provider for you.

      If you enjoy the inablility to settle any sort of dispute whatsoever, ATT is the provider for you.

      If you're enamored by offensive and threatening business letters, ATT is the provider for you.

      God forbid you should decide to upgrade your services with them because they'll continue charging you for both the old services and new ones.

      After 6 prision-like years of services (if you know what i mean), I'm sending it all back. Good riddance.

      ATT, this is my last act as a paying customer, and it's only befitting that I let everyone know how wonderful you are!


      Hope ATT fires you Dimitrious from Sales, Service and Billing (phone click)

    • profile image

      Ryan 6 years ago

      It's Broadcast vs. Switched Video Technology. Time Warner will NEVER be able to compare to U-Verse because of the way they send signal. U-Verse will always expand HD channels and add interactive apps, which is one thing Time Warner can't do. Why do you think TW always drops channels? They don't have enough band width. Sorry guys, but as the number one direct sales rep in the Nation last month, Time Warner makes my job EASY setting up numerous new accounts a week for U-Verse

    • profile image

      who cares 6 years ago

      all of u people are complaining about att uverse like they care there people signing up everyday.. and your incompetent if u think time warner can compare to att uverse there is no way. each person is diff and has diff needs if the shit dont work for u stop complaning and get what does. i am a proud att customer and will have uverse long as i have a tv. time warner is for u cheap broke people who love complaining. your gonna have problems with whatever service u have just deal with it nothings gonna be perfect. i want the best that's why i have att uverse

    • profile image

      DrKay 6 years ago

      Currently, I have AT&T DSL and the quality is bad for internet. We are searching to add cable or UVerse TV and I shopped around for both AT&T and TW.

      AT&T UVerse plans are confusing and there are myriad options to choose from and the deals have very fine prints. Each time you ask them they give different prices. If you bargain, they give discounts, at least in stores. Still not worth it. Here are the reasons.

      They wanted $450 deposit from me even though I have an excellent credit rating. Their service is very poor in their stores and online. When I tried Time Warner, it was a breeze to select an option and order in minutes. The service on the phone was great. They answered all questions clearly. No deposits needed by TW. Took me 5 to 10 minutes for the whole thing form selection to scheduling an installation with TW while I have wasted hours with AT&T stores and online.

      Only issues I have with TW are their installation price ($200) and the TV channel line up was not clearly published in TW. AT&T does a better job of informing what channels are included. The prices were very comparable.

      I have other friends who had major service problems with AT&T but were happy with TW. Seems like TW had been specializing in this market for a long time and they need to work hard to keep the customers satisfied. I am going with TW cable and a turbo speed internet that is dedicated.

    • profile image

      RSK 6 years ago

      Just got AT&T for 30 day trial. HD quality sucks and internet is slow even at 18mbps. If AT&T can't fix this ASAP I'm getting rid of AT&T.

    • profile image

      SacK 7 years ago

      Just purchased a new HDTV and found all your comments relevant. Still don't know which service to go with, but leaning toward Time Warner.

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      As a DISH employee I completely understand what it means to save money. I know having DISH I have save a lot of money for what they offer. DISH has TV everywhere, which I love because I can watch Live TV off my Android phone anywhere I go. We also have HD free for life and most companies are charging for their HD channels. We always have promotions out for new and existing customers. We always try to give our customer low and fair prices.

    • profile image

      dj 7 years ago

      The reason your picture quality sucks is because you need a better HDTV.

    • profile image

      katie 7 years ago

      This is scaring me. Our TW has had so many problems for so long--intermittent audio/visual pixillation, throughout our neighborhood--that we're finally switching to AT&T, like many of our neighbors. But I work from a home office and require reliable internet, and I am very worried about that. I also hate to give up the earthlink email account I've had for 10 years. Maybe I'll hold onto that for a bit in case we need to switch back. Fingers crossed!!

    • profile image

      Shawn 7 years ago

      Both suck. TW better picture. ATT better DVR. TW better customer service. ATT more reliable internet while having TV service also. TW is a couple bucks cheaper.

      DirecTV would be my choice hands down except for stupid contracts, local weather channel is a minus also, plus no on demand. DirecTV does have the best DVR (TIVO) and the best picture. Also, it only cuts out when it's raining really hard. The other two cut out even when it's sunny outside. Picture and DVR are the most important to me, but contract is a big no sale for me.

    • bonnebartron profile image

      bonnebartron 7 years ago from never one place for too long

      TWC sucks,,, so does att.... hates evil monopolies!

    • profile image

      Jody 8 years ago

      I switched to ATT Uverse from TW about a month ago. I have had more service interruptions and outages in the past month than I had in the past year with TW. The ATT DVR is way better but the ATT HD picture quality is noticeably inferior. I am finally going back to TW. Just placed the order today.

    • profile image

      Arienne 8 years ago

      Hi! I just got a job selling u-verse. I go out and talk to current customers and they love it. If you have issues I know its a hassle to call the 1-800 number. But this is new technology. I am a TW customer and use the issues i have to sell u-verse. ATT is a giant in the cellphone industry and landline. Years ago there were kinks to be worked out, just give it time. Techs are out 24/7 to ensure that u-verse is getting better by the minute. and if anyone asks I am a TW customer because u-verse isn't available in my area!!

    • profile image

      Leslie 8 years ago

      I switched from TW to Uverse yesterday. Have already placed my order to have TW reinstalled. The HD quality on Uverse is AWFUL!!! Can't wait to get my TW cable back!

    • profile image

      Brian 8 years ago

      I just switched to u verse and am not satisfied with the picture quality at all...

    • profile image

      Steve Mitchell 8 years ago

      I just switched from Time Warner cable to Uverse. The Uverse DVR is a lot better than the scientific atlanta from time warner. I think they've been using the same DVR for 8 years. the uverse one is motorola and the hdmi output actually works!


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