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About 3D TV sets and the 3D technology

Updated on March 13, 2012
LGPX950 3D plasma
LGPX950 3D plasma

Ever since Avatar, James Cameron’s new 3D movie was released more and more news appeared about 3D TV sets. Companies such as LG, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, Panasonic and Samsung have announced they are going to release 3D television sets. You can already buy TV sets that use 3D technology today.

It is very important to note that there are big differences between the new 3D technology, and the old one, the one with which you probably used a long time. The old technology with those 3d glasses colored in red and cyan produced image of low resolution and color was not of real high quality. Things differ with the new 3D technology developed in recent years. Producers are already selling 3D HD TV sets.

You have probably already experienced 3D Video in cinemas? Well what could be the difference between a 3D system such as IMAX 3D a 3D LCD TV in your room? There is one practical important difference. How much of your visual field each screen covers. While in cinemas the screen covers a lot of your visual field the screen at home will cover much less. This is the main reason for which it may be a good idea to get closer to your 3D TV if you have one (even if no company explicitly recommends this). If you do get closer to your screen your vision will be occupied in a much bigger proportion by the screen and the effects will have a higher chance to impress you.

A 3D TV is one of the cool gadgets you should consider buying is the Sony KDL55HX800 55 inch Full HD 240Hz LED 3D HDTV. It is a serious investment. The price of this TV set is 3400 dollars. You really need to be very passionate about 3d technology to actually buy a 3d TV. The TV is Full 3D Ready HD 1080p so you will really see high quality images.

The truth is that most 3D TV sets are pretty expensive at the moment. Most of us will probably not be willing to spend thousands of dollars on a TV set. But I am sure 3D technology is the technology of the future and that at some point 3d TV sets will become much cheaper and everyone, or almost everyone will choose to buy one.


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