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About PC tablet devices and convertible laptops

Updated on March 13, 2012

People are starting to love the possibility of directly interacting with the screen of their IT device more and more. This is why PC tablet devices are gaining popularity. They are becoming more and more wanted. Instead of having to do with an old fashioned keyboard (after all there are no big differences between a typewriter machine and a classical keyboard) you get to control your device through the simple touch of its screen.

Do you want to buy a PC tablet and be in touch with this innovative technology? One of the most popular options you have is the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad was announced in 2009 but was launched in the first part of this year. After only one month more than a million people had purchased this tablet PC. Currently there have already been released more than 2 million iPads on the market. iPad is a great innovative product and this is why there is a whole iPad frenzy around us.

However, if the iPad does not thrill you or you think you also need the classic keyboard (and you do) you can choose a more efficient product: a convertible laptop. A convertible laptop will also provide you the touch screen technology. On most models you simply have to rotate the screen, fold it, and you automatically get a touch tablet PC. You can find convertible laptops of all sizes, but most of them are built on the skeleton of a netbook so they are very portable. Convertible laptops are the best choice for students who will have the chance to take virtual notes using the touch screen of the laptop during classes and then annotate them with the keyboard later.

If the idea of a combination between a normal laptop and a tablet PC seems to you to be a compromise and you prefer a pure PC tablet the iPad is not your only choice. Do you want a good but cheap tablet? (the 500 dollar iPad is definitely not cheap) You could go for the French company called Archos. They produce all sorts of IT devices but are most popular for their low cost tablet PCs. They have different tablets for different uses (an internet tablet, a house use tablet, for the whole family etc.).

If you start searching for IT devices you will definitely find the one you want.


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