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About Server Virtualization Technology

Updated on January 18, 2011

The phrase virtualization technology gets used a lot into many businesses today, but do you know what that term really means and how it can help your business? Virtualization technology is associated with a number of software and hardware technologies, but it most commonly refers to server virtualization technology.

In simple terms, virtualization means separating the server software from the physical hardware itself. This allows one piece of hardware to host several different servers.

As an example with virtual server hosting, one piece of hardware host several servers such as Windows Server 2008, Ubuntu Linux, Windows 2003 and other operating systems. Because the software no longer relies on the hardware’s platform, several different software environments can divide resources from that one piece of hardware.

In a business’s IT budget, purchasing and maintaining the server hardware is typically the highest expense. With server virtualization technology multiple servers run on a single piece of hardware. A business then needs less physical hardware, greatly lowering the expenses for buying and maintaining that hardware.

Each virtual machine will have its own separate identity within the one physical server. With every virtual machine having its own independent identity this gives businesses another advantage that can do more than save it money. It can keep a business operational should a problem occur with any one of the virtual servers. Trouble with one software or application on one of the virtual machines should not affect any of the other virtual machines, even when sharing the same hardware.  This allows business to run multiple virtual servers one piece of hardware, without worry that a problem with one virtual server will halt the company’s operations.

Server virtualization technology is gaining interest and market share and is expected to become much more utilized as businesses in all sectors look for ways to reduce their IT costs. With server virtualization technology, a business can see a signification reduction in their budget without risking the entire operation of that business should one virtual machine need maintenance or upgrading.


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