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About different touch screen laptops

Updated on June 22, 2012

Today the laptop industry is very diverse. If you have been often annoyed by typing on a keyboard that was much too small or not having a real mouse and having to use a not very accurate touch pad today you have the option to get rid of these problems. The solution is to go for one of the new touch screen laptops available on the market today.

Touch screen laptops can really make your life easier. You can use the touch screen in order to take notes in your own handwriting. After this if you want to transform the handwriting into proper digital writing all you need to do is use specialized handwriting recognition software. This is why touch screen laptops are just great for students. You can also use the touch screen to open files and folders. This way you will not have to deal with an annoying touchpad anymore.

So do you want to buy a touchscreen laptop but you are not sure what model is worth your money? An interesting model worth considering is the recent release from Toshiba called Portege M700. It is a 12 inch diagonal touchscreen notebook. It comes with a 2.2 GHz Intel Centrino processor and promises to be a good laptop. Another interesting touch screen notebook is the Panasonic Toughbook T7. It has a 1.06 GHz dual processor but it comes at a price of 2000 dollars.

One major disadvantage of serious touch screen laptops is that they generally come at very high prices. There are few chances you will be able to buy a decent touch screen notebook with less than 1500 dollars. However if you do not have such a large sum of money to spend but really like the idea of having a touch screen portable and of using it to take notes you could buy yourself a smaller touch screen netbook. These devices are also called netvertibles and are basically netbooks with the added feature of a touch screen. With a simple swivel of the screen you transform your netbook into a tablet. You can buy such a netbook for about 500 dollars. Do not expect it to let you play the most advanced games, but it will surely let you do your job and have a little fun. Go to the nearest IT shop and choose one of the touch screen laptops that best fits you


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