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About some of the world’s best sports watches

Updated on March 13, 2012

When you think about a wrist watch you think about a device that helps you know the time at any point. However today you will be able to find watches that do much more than that. Sports watches can show you much more than just the time.

Of course, if you want to buy a simple watch that you can use while playing different sports (it has to be pretty resistant) you will find many models. For example you could choose the Casio G Shock which is an affordable sport wrist watch that you can wear wherever you go without having the fear that you might destroy it.

Of course if you practice sport more seriously you may prefer a more specialized sport wrist watch. Are you a runner or a cyclist? If so you might be thrilled by the sports watches from Polar. Not only do this watches show you the time (actually this might be the least important thing they do) but they show you all sorts of parameters that let you make your exercising more efficient. All Polar watches will show you your heart rate. Knowing what your heart rate is during your trainings can really help you achieve a whole new level of exercising your favorite sport. Polar designs heart rate monitors for all categories of users: from people that want to keep their fitness level above average to professional sportsman. The top cycling watch the S725X will show you your heart rate, your speed on the bike, your cadence, your power output, the altitude, and you will even be able to download data of it and view a graph of your data after the training.

Other specialized sports watches will also have a GPS incorporated. If you want a hiking watch you can get one with a GPS system incorporated so you never get lost (not even in those foggy mountain days). Such a watch might be very expensive but it will also help you a lot in difficult situations (just take care to always recharge its battery).

There are many different types of sports watches for different types of sports. So if you search for a sport wrist watch that fits your style and the sport you practice you will definitely find it.


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