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About touch screen tablet PC devices

Updated on June 22, 2012

Everyone is searching for the best tablet PC now. The frenzy for touch screen tablet PC devices probably started with the iPad, but now you can choose from many products (of course iPad also remains an important choice of product you could make).

If you like the idea of touch tablet PC devices but do not have one yet you should start looking for the best tablet PC for you.

An obvious choice you could make is to buy the iPad from Apple. The iPad is probably the most well known touchscreen tablet PC. As we all know Apple products are known to be of very high quality, and the iPad is no exception. However the quality and brand of Apple also come at a high price. The iPad costs no less than 500 dollars. You should also keep in mind that when buying yourself an iPad you will most likely also need iPad accessories. The total amount of money you will invest in your iPad will probably be significantly bigger than the initial sum of 500 dollars you spend on the main device.

If the Apple iPad does not please you do not worry too much. You have several other alternatives. One of the alternatives I found to be very attractive consists of the touch screen tablet models from Archos. Archos is a French based IT company that produces low cost tablets. If you want a touch screen tablet PC but do not have the money for the famous iPad Archos may be the way to go.

Do you want a tablet with which to surf the internet mostly? Archos 5 may be the choice for you. It is a small tablet that will let you connect to the internet in no time. Would you prefer a more advanced tablet? Then go for the affordable Archos 9 PC tablet that runs on the new Windows 7. Would you prefer to buy a tablet that can be useful for your whole family? If so you could buy the Archos 7 home tablet.

You have many choices in the world of tablet PCs. If you want to buy yourself a new tablet the best thing to do is to start searching right now for the tablet that suits you the best.


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    • ldparker10 profile image

      ldparker10 7 years ago

      although tablet pcs have been around for years, it does seem like the market has expanded because of all the talk of the ipad. In reality, i dont find the ipad useful as a pc. I have recently bought the HP tm2, which is a touch screen laptop folding down into a tablet, and it is awesome!

      great hub topic