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About wrist watches and top wrist watch companies

Updated on March 13, 2012

Do you want a 10 dollar watch that simply efficiently shows you the time, or an expensive collection watch? There are dozens of wrist watch manufacturers that offer wrist watches. You can find anything from simple watches that just show you the time to collection top wrist watches. Some watch manufacturers have been producing watches for centuries.

Out of the top wrist watch companies you need to choose one that produces a watch that meets your needs. Do you want a simple watch? Then you are probably not going to buy a Rolex. You might want to buy a simple Casio watch. The Casio G Shock is a great choice if you like sport watches.

Are you willing to spend a bit more on your watch? If so you will definitely have the chance to buy a beautiful watch: there are dozens of models on the market from many top wrist watch companies.

Do you like elegant sport watches? Then you could go for one of the Seiko Sport watches. They are quite expensive (not everyone chooses to spend over a hundred dollars on a watch), but they are also beautiful.

Maybe you are not the type that likes collection watches. In this case you will probably not buy a Tissot or Rolex. If you are the sports type you may prefer a watch that does more than just show you the time. The top wrist watch companies for sport are probably Polar and Sigma. Buy the best Polar watch and you will always know at what speed you are walking, running, or cycling, at what altitude you are, what the temperature is, and what your global position is. These watches have a sportier feel, are not as elegant as collection watches but they are very practical. You will of course be able to also know what the time is.

The most important thing you should do if you want a watch is to start researching. Seeing different watches from different top wrist watch companies may help you be able to choose the best watch for yourself in the end. Start going to shops, or simply search online for watches so that in the end you manage to choose a watch that is really worth your money.


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