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Updated on February 26, 2013
5 stars for is an interesting website that I came across when trying to figure out what to put on my "about me" page. Basically in a nutshell what this website aims to do is create an online business card for you, where anyone can showcase anything about themselves that they want. Its your landing page where everything on is is all completely up to you.

The content is created by the user, and even the background image is uploaded by the user. At first it is very intimidating creating your about me page, I found it hard to figure out what to write, but the site has a feature that allows you to browse other profiles and this helps to get the ideas flowing. You can think of it as your elevator pitch what are the most important things about you that you want to tell someone when you meet them in the elevator?

What I love about this site is the simplicity. You can take all the chaos of the internet and put it all together in one simple page. We all have so much going on, on the web, from Facebook to Twitter, blogs and Instagram. How much easier would it be to just have one link that can take anyone to everything? Its your online business card and you can design it to say whatever you want about yourself, but keep in mind that this is the impression that you are going to be making on people so try to make it a good one.

One last feature that I'm going to touch on here is the partnership that has with You as the user can take your personalized page and turn it into a physical business card with a QR code that will send anyone who scans it right to your about me page. This is a great feature plus they have been running a promotion with that you can receive your first pack of business cards free (you still have to pay for shipping though).

There is also an iPhone app that they are really pushing for people to use. Myself being an Android user it looks I'm going to have to wait for an Android version to be released before I can try that out.

Are you using What are your thoughts? I'd love to heard what you think.


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