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Absolute Beginner SEO

Updated on July 31, 2009

Absolute Basic SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are techniques used to get indexed and listed on the major search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google, and now Bing. The intent of SEO is to utilize methods to get the link and description of your website to show up on the first page of search results when a user enters certain keywords. In my example below, the intent was to show up on the first page of Google whenever a user typed in the keyword phrase “Title pawn” to try to locate a title pawn company within their area.

For starters, I’m going to tell you that I do very little ONSITE SEO. On site SEO is just what it says, Search Engine Optimization techniques that you actually use on your own web pages. OFFSITE SEO (Search Engine Optimization) would be techniques such as external link building (Links coming from other sites such as directories, and articles to your site) My main on page SEO focus is just .

1) Keeping my pages simple (Not a lot of heavy code, graphics, flash, or frames)
2) Getting the meta tag description right (This is simply so that when my landing page shows up in a google search, the description of my site has the wording I think will persuade a user to click my link as shown in the example below.
3) Internal linking (The linking structure between all my internal pages of my site), and all I do on this is make sure that all my pages I create within my web site are named well with specific keywords I am targeting (i.e. if I created a page pointing from my index.html page to another page on my site, I may name the new page I create something like Title_Pawn_New_article.html, and the tag for the link to this page would simply be something like Title Pawn Article because the more times Google sees the term tag name Title Pawn pointing back to your site, the better your site will rank for the keyword “Title Pawn”

Below is a example of Google search results from a website I worked on for a small title loan company in Smyrna, Georgia, and they wanted Google organic (Organic means that you show up in a google search without utilizing pay per click as in Adword campaigns) front page for the keyword Title Pawn. Currently it is on page one position #8

Title Pawn
We Say YES! Fast Cash, Fast Quote - No Credit Check, Title Loans - We Loan the Money and You Keep Your Vehicle! Car, Motorcycle, truck SUV. - Cached - Similar

The HTML on my landing page for this is as shown below…

<meta name="description" content="We Say YES! Fast Cash, Fast Quote - No Credit Check, Title Loans - We Loan the Money and You Keep Your Vehicle! Car, Motorcycle, truck SUV">

So anyway, that’s about all I do for onsite SEO, but it seems to work just fine for the small niche, small sites that I do marketing for. With this said, if you are in a more competitive arena, and your have large code heavy sites such as shopping sites etc., you may consider taking a bit harder look at some more advanced on site SEO. There is a excellent group out there that specializes in some heavier, and more complex SEO techniques they are called Stompernet. You can sign up and study their materials and get into some more complex on site SEO.

Now with OFFSITE SEO. There are two techniques that I use heavily, and seem to work well.

1) Directory listings
2) Articles

Directory listings are simply placing a link and description of your web site in as many directories as you can. This gives you one way links back to your site, and leads the search engines to see your site as being very well known and popular.

Many of the directories are free to link from. You can just Google the term “Free Directories”, and find them. But be warned, many of these so called directories run you through a sign up process, only to get to the end, and find out that they actually do charge a fee. I have found and extensively use a service that eliminates the hassle, and quickly and professionally submits all my sites to the directories for me. The service is excellent, and they offer to submit your site to the free directories for like .14 cents to each directory, and they also have the option of choosing and submitting your site to many very high ranking paid directories, many of which start at around $5.50 each.

I have been using this service for well over a year now, and many times I will go in and just spend like $8.00 for them to submit my site to like 57 directories giving me a lot of fairly quick backlinks, and believe me, spend a day doing all these submissions yourself, and you will gladly pay the money to have someone do it, especially at .14 cents each. Plus they have excellent reporting, and if there are any directories that don’t accept your link, they credit the .14 cents back to your account. I’ve really come to trust and depend on these guys excellent service.

You can see them here, and sign up is free…
Directory Submission

Now for articles, there are a few techniques I utilize for backlinks to my websites from articles.

1) I will write full blown meaningful articles for the more distinctive sites such as
2) I’ll write less well written articles to mass distribute, and occasionally spin for mass distribution.

If you write passionate well written articles to submit to sites like, you will essentially want to write these articles as though you are writing direct to your customer, and offering them some high valued information. You will actually get a fair amount of direct traffic from these articles, and articles posted at the higher end article directories are seen by Google as highly authoritative, and with a link back to your site will lead Google to see your site as being more authoritative hence giving your site better ranking and higher placement on Google searches.

Now for simply quick article backlinks in a less quality, yet higher quantity approach, I will write or have written articles that I see as less quality articles, perhaps articles that just don’t give out a lot of important information, just for a large quantity of backlinks.

You can write and submit all your articles yourself, or you can do just certain parts, and pay to have other duties completed for you. For example, Sometimes I will pay to have a article written, spun, and distributed to hundreds of article websites for me, and other times I will write the article myself, then pay to have it submitted to all the article sites, and then other times, I will write the article, spin it, and then just pay to have it distributed. I always pay for distribution, I just don’t have the time and or patience to submit any article or articles to several hundred article sites. Even with software that I can purchase to do it for me, I just personally prefer paying small amounts of money to have it done for me.

I am not going into the details of article spinning in this article simply because it is a whole different subject I plan to cover in detail in another article, but basically article spinning is simply taking a article, going through it word by word, finding words that can be switched up (i.e replace the word good with great or excellent), hence making one article appear to search engines as though it is two completely different and unique articles, therefore dodging issues such as duplicate content, essentially giving you a two or more for one advantage. You write one article, and after its blasted to multiple article websites, the search engines see it as many different and unique articles with links back to your website.

The services I use most for all my article writing, spinning, and distribution are.

Spinning and Distribution
This site is excellent for spinning and distributing articles. Cheapest route to go if you write your own articles, and just want to use their software to spin and mass distribute.

Writing, Spinning, and Distribution
This is a great site to get anywhere from cheap articles written for you, to having
high end press releases done, to article spinning and distribution.

For massive online internet marketing training videos, visit
Steve’s Classroom

Hope this helps you guys out...


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    • beautyrose profile image


      9 years ago

      I remember there was an SEO team or member that used to comment on my hubs with SEO name always. I don't know if this person have come across commenting on your hub. I keep looking for that person now but I have not found yet. I forgot the avatar even.


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