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Accordions for Sale

Updated on September 20, 2014

Accordions for Sale

Accordions for Sale

Accordions, sometimes called a squeezebox, is played by expanding and compressing the bellows while at the same time pressing buttons or keys.

There are many different types of accordions. Some have buttons on both sides, others have buttons on one side and piano style keyboard on the other. Some accordions are bisonoric, which simply means that they produce a different pitch depending on whether you are contracting or expanding the bellows. Other accordions are unisonoric and play the same pitch for both directions of the bellows.

On this page I've listed a wide varieties of accordions for sale. Some are new accordions, however most are used accordions for sale. Within these used accordions most are modern accordions, but I've also listed some old collectible accordions too. I hope you find the kind of accordion you are looking to buy. If you don't, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page, and I'll try to list some other types of accordions for sale in the future. Thanks for looking!

Pictured: This Giulietti Super Model Double Tone Chamber Accordion sold on eBay for $4750

Hohner Accordions for Sale

Giulietti Accordions

NEW Accordions for Sale

NEW Accordions for Sale on Amazon

You can buy a new accordion for sale on both Amazon and eBay. Here are some of the most popular selling accordions for sale on Amazon and eBay.

Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion

Hohner Accordions 1303-RED 12 Bass 37-Key Entry Level Piano Accordion

Value of Accordions

  1. Giulietti Super Model Double Tone Chamber Used Accordion - Value Worth - Sold on ebay for $4750
  2. Excelsior Model 911M Midivox ll Accordion - Like New Condition - Value Worth - Sold on eBay for $3595
  3. Hohner Morino v s Double tone chamber 5/5 reed Accordion Accordion - Value Worth - Sold for $3476.26
  4. Petosa P 1000 Double Ton Chamber Accordion - Used - Value Worth - Sold on eBay for $3050
  5. Titano Emperor Palmer Converter Accordion - Excellent Used Condition - Value Worth - Sold on eBay for $2881
  6. Giulietti Artist V Free Bass Accordion 43 Extended Keyboard Double Tone Chamber - Used Value Worth - Sold for $2800
  7. Professional Pancordion Double Ton Chamber Accordion - Value Worth - Sold for $2780
  8. Giulietti Continental F4T Transformer Accordion - Value Worth - Sold for $2526
  9. Italian Beltuna EuroIV Model - Value Worth - Sold for $2500
  10. Vintage Star Beauty Concertina White w/Green Trim Quad 2 Switch Great Condition - Value Worth - Sold for $2400
  11. Nice Scandalli Accordion Accordion 19"kb 11/4 switch 120 bass 4/5 reed - Value Worth - Sold for $2400
  12. Morbidoni Accordion Cassotto 41/120 4/5 LMMH Supreme Model - Value Worth - Sold for $2200
  13. Diamond Double tone chamber accordion by Sam Ferri Accordion - Value Worth - Sold for $2200
  14. Vintage Pro Philharmonic Duel Tone 16 Switch Accordion - Value Worth - Sold for $2025
  15. Vintage Imperial Accordion 11/5 Switch Double Tone Chamber Made in Italy 19 1/2" - Value Worth - Sold for $2000

More Accordion VALUES from sales on eBay:

Hohner Accordion Morino V5 Germany Music Instruments - SOLD for $1999.99

Excalibur Super Classic 120 Bass 7 Switch Piano Accordion - SOLD for $885.00

Rossetti 31 Button Accordion 12 Bass Tri-Color: Red-White-Green - SOLD for $300

Excelsior Piano accordion accordion acordeon - SOLD for $425.00

Galanti Accordion Premium Quality 3/4 Excellent Condition Shop Waz 4 Music - SOLD for $595

Gorgeous 1 Owner Guerrini Accordion,Plays & Sounds Great, 3 Shifts, 17" Keyboard - SOLD for $325

Roland FR-18 Diatonic V-Accordion - Black - SOLD for $1136.11

HOHNER Corona II Classic button accordion with strap GCF SOL (Ref: 1475) - SOLD for $500

Scandalli Accordion/ 396/198/Made In Italy/41 Keys/ 120 Buttons - SOLD for $485


Bellini Accordion 4/5 Reeds Mint condition - SOLD for $1290

Capitol De Luxe Accordion - SOLD for $355

Bernelli 120 Bass Piano Accordion Italian made professionally refurbished. - SOLD for $800

Recent Sale Prices of Accordions on eBay - Value of Accordions

I've listed below some recent sale prices of accordions that have sold on eBay. This can give you an idea of the value of these accordions. Of course, value will vary based on the condition of the accordion. Nevertheless, these sale prices can give you an idea of the market price for these types of accordions.

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Accordion Lessons

Keyboard Accordion Lessons by Shelia Lee on Horner Accordion - Major Chord Technique - Accordion Lessons

Beginner Accordion Lesson by Ken Mahler - Accordion Lessons

Questions, Comments, Rants and Raves - Accordions for Sale

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      I have an accordion that is over 50 years old - it's a Silvestri. Do you think it has any value? What's the best way to sell?