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Act of war runtime error 217 FIX.

Updated on October 16, 2012


I want to play a "Act Of War" game but i get "217 runtime error".


It's old game and this is a problem with compatibility.

First fix for this bug:

  1. Go to start -> Run -> type "msconfig" and press enter
  2. Select boot tab
  3. Click on "Advanced options"
  4. Set "Number of processors" to 1
  5. Set "Maximum Memory" to value: 2048
  6. Reboot your PC
  7. Start the game

Second fix for this bug:

  1. Set Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode for game exe.
  2. Try to start a game


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    • profile image

      taunus-nuss 3 years ago

      second solution worked

    • profile image

      Iman 3 years ago

      Second solytion works , thank you so much dear