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Actiontec GT701D Review

Updated on October 28, 2010

This is a review of the Actiontec GT701D DSL Modem. I recently signed up for AT&T DSL service and purchased this modem to use with it. I choose this modem after reading positive reviews about it and because the price was reasonable. This article will go over the equipment, set up, and performance of the Actiontec GT701D high speed modem.

The modem itself is small and very light. It has 4 lights for Power, DSL, Internet, and Ethernet. Included in the box are everything you need such as the power cable, ethernet cable, and dsl/phone cable. It also comes with instructions and a software cd in case you need it.

Connecting the modem is very simple. Once you have it plugged in, as long as your service is activated, you should be able to set it up by following the step by step instructions. the modem itself does generate heat so you will want to keep it in a cool location.  It is Energy Star rated so it should do well with energy use. 

Actiontec GT701D Performance

The speed of the modem is quick, but ultimately the speed will depend on your service provider.  AT&T quoted my service speed to be 3mbps download and 512kbps upload. My actual tests with this modem and speed resulted in 2.57mbps download and 0.28mbps upload.

I found the speed to be very comparable to broadband internet speed which I had previously.  Download speed is a little faster but upload speed was a little bit slower.  Overall daily internet use and even streaming videos work very well with this modem. 

So far I have not run into many problems.  Occasionally a page will freeze up, but a quick refresh usually will fix it.  A couple times the internet stopped working, but a restart of the computer and modem fixed it.  

The GT701D modem does come with a software interface that offers many options to customize your internet experience. 

Bottom Line

If you are thinking about getting a new dsl modem or are thinking about signing up for a new dsl service and want to save by not buying the modem they offer you, I would recommend this modem. I was able to find it online for about $45. It comes with a 1 year warranty and should work with most major dsl providers. This modem works with PC and Mac computers that have an ethernet connection. This has been a review of the Actiontec GT701D high speed DSL modem.


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