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Activating your Kindle Fire Hd camera

Updated on April 4, 2013

For a while I've been using my Kindle Fire HD but never really bothered about using the front facing camera which they says works with Skype. My Kindle didn't come with Skype installed and since I wasn't into video calling, I never bothered to use it. What I've realized later on is that you can actually use your Kindle Fire HD for taking still photos as well as making videos.

In order to be able to start using your Kindle Fire HD camera, you would need to have a suitable Android app installed on it and there are a lot of these available on the Amazon app store as well as opera appstore. Amazon however recommends certain apps for using your camera on the Kindle.

Recommended Amazon apps for Kindle camera

Opera apps man also have some android apps you could use on Kindle:

How to activate your Kindle Fire HD camera

  • Search for a suitable app from the Kindle store or other Android supported site
  • Download and Install a suitable Kindle camera on your device
  • Open the camera app by going to Apps > Camera app
  • Start taking pictures and videos

How to install camera Apps on a Kindle

Personally, I used the "Kindle Fire HD camera app" and you can get this by using your Kindle and navigating to apps, then search for camera. You should have a Wifi connection and then you'd see a lot of results. You can try choosing any of the specific ones I already recommended as they also come recommended by Amazon.

Select on any camera app of your choice and buy to install. Downloading and installation takes place on the same page and you can start using your camera in a few seconds.

It's a front facing camera

As you should have already noticed, the Kindle Fire HD has a small camera lens in the front and none on the back which makes it cool for video calling, taking face pictures and so on. It's designed for Skype but you can use it for a lot of other things like Facebook and YouTube publishing.

It doesn't come with a flash light but the camera is quite clear and sharp but you should only use it in a well lit environment else it may be dark. It doesn't come with it's own camera light so using it in the morning or with good background light makes pictures clear.


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