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Ad Sense - More Nonsense

Updated on February 22, 2013

Good Morning to you all. This is just another comment on Ad Sense. I wrote a previous Hub called "Ad Sense - Nonsense. Now there is "More." I'm still trying to figure out what planet these folks are from.

For all of you that have tried for so long to get accepted and keep getting denied, keep trying. It will probably happen eventually. You just won't know when. Read all the comments and helps you receive, which is what I did, and one of them will be the trigger that gets you accepted. I didn't keep a frustration log but I believe it took me nearly 2 months. So why am I revisiting that issue? Just for the humor of it ... and as a lead in to this Hub.

And don't feel "stupid" if you are struggling for acceptance. All you can do is fill in the blanks and follow the instructions. If there are no blanks or instructions, even Sheldon Cooper would have problems.

In the time spent trying to land my space ship on planet Ad Sense, and enter their "world of acceptance and enlightenment" I did pick up some writing tips, learned how to use Hub Pages a little better (still learning) and enjoyed the freedom of writing once again. The experience with Hub Pages has been absolutely wonderful ... just the opposite of Ad Sense. Now to the point.

Today I received an email from Ad Sense, in the form of a friendly note, asking me to participate in a survey regarding my experience with Ad Sense. I get out my trusty triple barrel "shotgun of truthful responses" and accept the challenge. After all, I spent 2 months previously with their lunacy, why shirk from a 3 minute survey where I can respond to them honestly on their terms with their form. All you have to do is "click the button" next to the appropriate answer, move on to the next question, do the same and, then, at the end, click the submit button.

Well, that survey generated this Hub. It must have been designed by the same person that designed their original application for citizenship on planet Ad Sense.

Fortunately, I am quite satisfisfied with Hub Pages and just sharing my thoughts and studies with Hubbers and other friends is profit enough. Thanks again for all the comments. But I digress. Back to the survey.

So I poke the button to take the survey.

There on the screen is standard form similar to what you get from eBay and PayPal and the like, "on a scale from 1 to 10" type form. But this form doesn't have numbers and thats okay, I have trouble counting past 10 with my shoes on.

Their form has about six or eight options from left to right, with the left being the greatly dissatisfied, next dissatified and so on moving across the page. I never got past the middle column which, I believe, was "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied" or words to that effect. And the only reason I had no comment here was it had to do with another of their ad programs which, after considering my initial struggle, I had decided was not worth the effort, even without looking.

Anyway, of the dozen of so questions, I answered the majority of the questions "extrememly dissatisfied" which was the first option and the most truthful answer, being there were none of a lesser degree.

I finished the survey and clicked "Submit." BAM, we are right back where we were 6 months ago trying for acceptance. Apparently, you have to answer the questions in a manner they approve of before they are accepted.

After I click the "Submit," the page goes back to the top with a list in red of most or all of the questions. I assume they were unacceptable but, like the original Ad Sense forms, there is not explanation, reasoning, direction as to "if or where" there is a problem. So I scrolled through looking for missed directions or incomplete answers, not just once but 3 times. There was nothing. My 3 minute survey is now about 10 minutes long. I am, once again, unacceptable. But this time, I have another option... I don't care about their survey.

Viola, I click the "x" in survey tab and exit.

This Hub is for the humor of it all. I don't need or want direction or explanation of how to complete their survey. Not interested. Just wanted to let the new folks know about ... Ad-Sense Nonense.


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