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How to Add RSS Feed to Blogger Blog?

Updated on October 1, 2011

I have recently opened one blog to give information about Internet in simple language. This is not my first blog. I have another popular award winning blog. This blog is also about Internet, but in Marathi language. To promote my new blog, I decided to publish it's RSS feed on my popular, established Blog. Both of my blogs are hosted on Blogger platform. Those are Blogger Blogs. Today, I have added RSS feed of my new Blogger Blog to my popular Blogger Blog. How I did it? This is very simple to do. Now, my recently published Blog articles of New Blog are on my Old Blog. I used RSS feed of my New Blog for this purpose. Below are the steps that you can use and follow to publish RSS feed on your Blog.

Publishing RSS Feed to Your Blogger Blog

It is very easy to publish RSS feed in your Blogger Blog. You can use official Gadget developed by Blogger team for this purpose. Below are the step by step instructions to add RSS feed in your Blogger Blog.

  • Open There will be the list of Blogs that you have created using
  • Go into the layout of Blogger Blog in which you want to add RSS feed.
  • If you want to add RSS feed in the sidebar of your Blog, Click "Add a Gadget" box from sideber. If you want to add RSS feed in the bottom of Blogger Blog, Click "Add a Gadget" box located at the bottom of layout. You may even add Gadget anywhere in the layout and then drag and drop it in the desired place.
  • A new window will get open.There is the list of Basic Gadgets in front of you. Select "Feed" Gadget from that list. You just have to click blue Plus (+) button in front of "Feed". In this Gadget, you can add content from RSS or Atom feed to your Blog.
  • Feed Gadget page is now in front of you. You have to add feed url in the given space and then press Continue.
  • Now, the page as shown in image below will be in front of you. Here are some options to customize your RSS feed.

Add RSS or Atom Feed to Your Blogger Blog
Add RSS or Atom Feed to Your Blogger Blog

Settings for Feed Gadget in Blogger Blog

  • In Title field, it is the title of your Gadget. By default, it the tile of your RSS or Atom feed that you have added. If you want, you may change this to anything else.
  • Then, there is a option about how many post entries to show? You may show RSS feed post entries upto 5.
  • You may choose to show item or post dates by using tick mark for Item Dates. If you want, you may even choose to show Item sources/authors with your each feed item. There is also an option to make sure that the feed links will get open in a new window.
  • Below these choices, there is a Preview of how your RSS Blog feed will actually look on your Blog.
  • And then below that Preview, you have the option to change the address of your source feed.
  • If you have done with these settings in your Feed Gadget, press Save and then items from your feed will be visible on your Blog.

I hope you found this information helpful. You may like to share this information with your friends by using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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