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Adidas miCoach App For iPhone Review - Buy miCoach Pacer, Use With Armband Online

Updated on August 22, 2011


The Adidas miCoach app for the iPhone is a great way to use your iPhone to get fit. Here we will review the miCoach app, look at some of the extras including the miCoach pacer, the miCoach armband and a few other items that can sync with miCoach. The miCoach app is free to download and has been very popular since it’s release in 2010.

The Adidas miCoach app is basically an app that is designed to improve your level of physical fitness. The basic free app is easy to use and functions very well but you can also purchase extras such as the pacer and armband to enhance the capabilities of the app. If you want to use your iPhone to get yourself fit then miCoach is definitely for you.

How Does It Work?

The app is pretty simple to use. When you first download miCoach you are asked to set up an account. You can do this on your phone but it’s better if you do it on the computer. When you have filled in all your details you can sync your iPhone with your computer account. This means that the phone can send information wirelessly to your computer. This is a very important part of the miCoach app.

Now you can set up personal training goals on the app. You can set a schedule of how often you want to run and can even plot routes. MiCoach can also be used for walking or cycling. A clever feature is the assessment workout. Use this to work out exactly how fit you are, then the app can set you goals to achieve. This is a very clever feature that works very well and seems to give an accurate reading of your level of fitness.

You can set up programmes to suit your needs. For example you can have a programme to help you lose weight, or train for a marathon, or work on speed. There are lots of different training programmes available on the miCoach app. You can also do a free workout which is just a run with no added pressure, just go at your own pace.

Get Running

When you start your run the app will track your progress. If you are running on a training programme the app will use GPS to track your progress, it will work out your average speed, your distance and even elevation. As you run a little voice comes through your earphones telling you to speed up, slow down or maintain your pace. It also comes on every so often to tell you your average speed and the distance you have travelled. You can also look at the screen which will give you a detailed summary of your running stats.

A clever feature is that you can play music through your iPod while you use the miCoach app. When the voice comes on it simply lowers the music level and talks over it. Then the music gets louder again. You can also adjust the settings, you do not have to use the voice training, you can just run at your own pace.

MiCoach Extras

The basic miCoach app is fantastic. However, you can improve it with a few extras. The miCoach pacer is probably the most noticeable of these. The miCoach pacer has two pieces of equipment, one fits round your chest and monitors your heart rate, the other slips onto your shoe laces and measures your stride and pace. The pacer gives you a much more accurate reading than the GPS. The pacer also tells you how many calories you have burned and it will keep and eye on your heart rate. This is a very handy tool that really improves the app.

Another clever piece of kit besides the pacer is the miCoach armband. This fits on your upper arm and can be used to hold your iPhone. This is very handy and it is in a good place to view and click on anything if you need to. This is much better than carrying the phone in your hand. Both the miCoach pacer and the miCoach armband are very handy pieces of kit that improve the performance of the app. They can be bought on Amazon for a good price.

There are also some excellent Adidas running shoes that are ideal for using with miCoach. They are perfect for running and are just what you need if you are planning on using the miCoach app to get fit. This really is a wonderful little app that is well worth downloading. If you want to use your iPhone to get fit then this is a great place to start.


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