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Adieu, eBay & Amazon! Thanks For Nothing!

Updated on September 29, 2008

Any regular reader of my Hubs is well aware of the respect and appreciation that I have for HubPages and its management. Having been in this business since most of my readers were zygotes, I've worked with a very wide range of publishers ranging from august luminaries to stark raving maniacs. Paul Edmondson is definitely in the "pleasure to work with" category as he has managed to build a great management team and a powerful brand that is gaining in popularity and status by the day... therefore far be it for me to argue with HubPages' setup, structure and policies.

But... I've decided to do something that flies in the face of HubPages' recommendations. Sorry, Paul and gang, but I've thought about this for a good long time and I think that it's the best way for me to proceed.

I'm giving up on the eBay and Amazon capsules. Here I am with about 500 Hubs published in almost a year and a half, each and every one of them with eBay and Amazon capsules which have been diligently formatted with the proper keywords, and I have yet to see one single solitary penny from either of them. Five hundred times I've clicked on eBay and Amazon. Five hundred times I've entered this keyword or that keyword. Five hundred times it's been a complete and total waste of my time.

Let's take my famous Mac Plus vs. AMD Dual Core Hub. It's my leading Hub, it's had more than a quarter million legitimate unique page views over 16 months (including 800 just today alone), and it's the second from the top of the Google results when you search for "HubPages". Do you think that any one of those quarter million people would have clicked on:

  • 4GB Ram Set Apple MacPro 2X2GB FBDIMM 667Mhz No Reserve Current Bid: $.99
  • or
  • Skintouch Keyboard protector for white Apple Pro keyboard and wireless keyboard Price: $12.77

or any of the other rotating ads that the eBay and Amazon capsules have presented and bought one of them? Even something for 99 lousy cents! At least I'd get a penny or two out of it. But nope... I have absolutely, completely and totally nothing to show for it.

This Hub is not a blast against eBay and Amazon capsules. It's just to show that the vast wealth promised by all those filthy lying scumbags who barrage you with testimonials of how Mrs. Jane Housewife made thirty eight million dollars online yesterday while she lounged poolside is just pure, unadulterated scamming. And anyone falling for those schemes and actually paying for these “astounding secrets” is a braindead idiot moron.

Whatever these Illusion Pushers say, don't believe them. When you're cornered by a get rich by lunchtime offer that looks too good to be true, remember... it always is! If you get into a situation where you're confronted by a scammer who is pushing this junk on you, just point them to me! Tell them: “Hal Licino has completely original content with hundreds of thousands of page views on a major site, he made a few hundred dollars off AdSense and nothing at all off eBay and Amazon. So go to hell, scammer!”

Adieu, eBay and Amazon. I have better uses for my keystrokes. Good riddance. Don't let my HubDoor hit you on the butt on your way out.



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    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      London Girl, $34 on Amazon is Amazon-azing! Congratulations. Hey, July is still young, and there is always hope! :)

      SweetiePie: Yes, I agree, but I just got to the point with 1,100 Hubs that it really wasn't worth me creating those capsules, opening them, entering the terms, closing the capsule, blah blah blah... Waste of keystrokes and time... for me personally anyway! Some have had great success with those capsules and more power to them!

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I started getting ebay payouts after a year and half of using these capsules, but my payments were not spectacular.  There are two reasons to use ebay and amazon capsules in my opinioin.  Amazon capsules give interest to certain hubs about products, and on those type of hubs I have made a few sales.  Ebay I actually am doing better now, but it is not that great.  The thing I like about the ebay capsules though is how these update our hubs with the search engines without having to go back and edit every few weeks.

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 8 years ago from London

      It's an average - $34 last month on Amazon, absolutely nothing so far in July!

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Congratulations on the $20 a month from Amazon. That's actually very good!

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 8 years ago from London

      I've not bothered with ebay, but I get a steady trickle from Amazon - nothing to get too excited about, perhaps $20 a month, now. Pretty much ALL on books from my history hubs.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Ilanishen: Actually Amazon made me about 25 bucks... eBay only 2!!! :(

      dawei888: Thanks! Interesting to see that I'm not the only one who strikes out on those capsules!

    • dawei888 profile image

      dawei888 8 years ago

      Hi Hal - Great Hub! In my 9 months on HP I have had just 1 single EPN sign-up through my hubs. Cheers!

    • profile image

      llanishen 8 years ago

      Yeah man, they really suck specially amazon. what a load of bull.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Yeah, when you figure that I placed eBay and Amazon capsules on around 500 Hubs, entering the parameters within each one, and ended up making a total of about 25 bucks, that's about two and a half cents per capsule: which is not even a Burmese latrine raking wage! Like I said, thanks for nothing! :(

    • debris profile image

      debris 8 years ago from Florida

      Hello Hal,

      I forgot to mention that I throoughly Enjoyed the picture that you used for this hub as well. It really encompasses the way you probably feel about them :)


    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      debris, you might be interested in my new Hub:

      Hal's 40 Best Google-Topping Keywords & Adsense Earnings


      where I discuss my rankings and earnings in detail.

      Hovalis: I'm proud of you for making the Amazon payout stage (almost). I have earned about $25 so far, which means I'm still years away! Please keep me posted as to what your research shows, as I'd be very interested in the results.

    • Hovalis profile image

      Hovalis 8 years ago from Australia

      HI Hal,

      I've noticed that eBay doesn't do that well for me, but I do have a couple of hubs that I did as an experiment which give me a few dollars with Amazon. (I'm almost at payout stage Whee!). The ones which give me income are product specific and are in a review format. I've noticed that just plonking ebay or amazon on a hub with a related subject brings me basically nothing. I suppose to use either effectively the subject must be specific enough to draw attention to the modules. Been meaning to test out that theory more fully. Must get my act into gear!

    • debris profile image

      debris 8 years ago from Florida

      Hey Hal,

      I know that you've posted this Hub long ago, but I'd figure I would still chime in and say hi, and good job! I'm working with Amazon and have managed clicks, but no conversions yet. So far, Adsense is my only performer. I really appreciate all of the insight that you offer.


    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      You're doing far better than me. With 5x the Hubs, I should have made $10 by now. I made $0. :(

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

      Good hub! Think you are right. 101 hubs here in four months and only $2.12 from Amazon, all books on the same topic. Ebay, I don't bother with.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Although it would be fundamentally unfair to place Amazon and eBay capsules in the same boat as Countrywide Mortgage and the other scam merchants who have sunk our economy through their infinite hype and unmitigated greed, the bottom line is that they are promoting themselves with results that are unachievable by the average bear. Sure, some people made lots of money through these methods, but it is a statistically insignificant percentage. Just goes to prove... the only get rich quick method is to rob banks... but then you have to face the consequences!

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

      Anna Marie Bowman 8 years ago from Florida

      Hmmm...all along I thought I had been doing something wrong! Glad to know it isn't me, and from now on, I'm going to carefully think about whether I want to put in the extra work for nothing.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      top-bannana: Hey, at least you got one payment from them. That's one more than I've ever received!

      hot dorkage: Good for you for standing up for your readers and not the pocket change that you MIGHT make. If Amazon wants to hire me as a professional book reviewer and pay my competitive per word rate, I'd be more than happy to fulfill their requirements. But if I have to push their products so that they profit and they throw me the odd scrap, they can go straight to :)

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      I used to generate the odd sale from amazon back in the 90's when most of ye were zygotes. But no more.

      I have no wish to plug books for maybe pennies. AndSally's Trove, w007! 17 cents, that's almost worth bending over to pick up. I write for my readers. Period.

    • top-bannana profile image

      top-bannana 8 years ago from England

      Thanks for sharing this, its true, i've had amazon account for years and other than one click that is the only payment i've ever received.

      Also I myself would just type in amazon or ebay directly. Thanks for sharing with us though

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      alexd181, I've gone through every setting that there is with a fine toothed comb. It just seems that my readers are adverse to clicking on those Amazon/eBay links. I'm sure my subject matter is at least partially to blame as I don't generally write Hubs that are linked to specific product purchases. But then again, that's why I believe I have the following that I do, so I'm not willing to change that. My readers 1, Amazon/eBay 0! :)

    • alexd181 profile image

      alexd181 8 years ago

      Amazon works quite well for me. Never a day without at least 1 sale since I started hubbing. No such luck with eBay - still at 0.00. However I have made $20 with Amazon and $10 with AdSense since joining.

      Hmm that amount of pageviews and no sales? I would recommend double checking that the Amazon publisher ID is correct in the settings. :/

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Sally's Trove, make sure to invest that 17 cents wisely! The way things are going, food, water and ammo are the only proper investments left! :(

    • Sally's Trove profile image

      Sherri 8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      After I read your Hub, I checked my Amazon account, which I have not done for three months (why bother?). Much to my surprise, I found that my account has 17 cents in it.

      Thanks, Hal. If it weren't for your Hub, I wouldn't have looked.

      Thumbs up.

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Chef Jeff: As you know, I've always believed that writing is its own reward. Even if you have one single solitary reader who appreciates what you've produced, that is worth far more than any eBay dime tossed your way.

      2patricias: I'm trying to do everything I can to bust this 21st century chimera of instant riches through clickthroughs. Sure, there are some people who have made astounding amounts of money this way, but I'll bet that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

      Nolimits Nana: I'd love to do book reviews but the problem is that the kinds of books I like to read don't exactly lend themselves to reviews. I have VERY strange literary tastes! :)

    • Nolimits Nana profile image

      Nicolette Goff 8 years ago from British Columbia

      I think your results are pretty darn usual. Like Misha, I just add the Amazon one for decoration. I'd be really surprised if anyone clicked through and bought. Like the idea of doing book reviews...hmmm

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      We have tried carefully selecting Amazon books for relevance or with a touch of humour to add an embellisment to a Hub - no joy! Our theory is that if somebody wants to buy a book, they go straight to Amazon.

      As for eBay, one of us is a regular on the eBay site - but has never clicked through from another site. That's hardly a proper sample of the entire web population, of course.

      Thanks for being so honest. Its good to know that it's not just us.

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      Yeah, it's been kind of a bust for me as well, so it's just a good thing that I love to write!

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      anime_nanet: I can't start a revolt against eBay and Amazon (as revolting as they may be) but all I can say is that you won't see me clicking on those capsules.

      Shadesbreath: I wish you the best of luck! :)

      Misha: I know... your commiseration is truly felt. :) Maybe if I had considered the eBay and Amazon capsules as decoration at least I would have gotten SOMETHING out of them. As for Isabella, I can't bring myself to read her Hubs. They are very well written, interesting and informative, but I'm a middle aged man... and alone... and the stuff she writes is WOW! :)

      Sony G: You can always count on me to shoot off my mouth! :)

    • Sony G profile image

      Sony G 8 years ago from West New York

      Great hub as usual Hal! It is so good to read from someone who is not afraid to tell it as it is!

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

      LOL Hal, I feel for you :D

      Most of my hubs have ebay and amazon only for decorating purposes, and earn accordingly. However, a couple of product oriented hubs do produce some clicks and subsequent sales - but nothing close to even allow me to visit a restaurant once a month so far :)

      That said, there are people who are more or less successful with those capsules. Mark, Relache, Embitca, and Isa are the first who come to mind - you might want to check what they are doing :)

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 8 years ago from California

      I haven't heard of any great success stories either, but I have to admit, I am thinking of trying book reviews to see if I can't sell books that way. Interesting read as usual.

    • anime_nanet profile image

      anime_nanet 8 years ago from Portugal

      I have 0 from those as well, but I thought it was because I am still not very good at doing hubs and don't have enough in number. Reading your testemonial puts things in a different perspective...

      Maybe I should try to spare some keystrokes as well...