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How To Make A New Administrator Account

Updated on June 12, 2011

Command Prompt

Have you ever had trouble with configuring your PC, and wanted to do some cool tricks with it? Well, here’s your chance. Learn how to use the built-in Command Prompt program to simplify your computer. Don’t fiddle around with all of the settings, just use Command Prompt!

Command Prompt--An Essential Tool
Command Prompt--An Essential Tool

New Accounts

You can find this often-elusive program under accessories when you click the start button (in the far-left bottom corner). When you open it, you’ll see a black box with some white words in it. It looks technical, but it really isn’t. You can use this program to open, start, delete, or add things to your computer without having to go looking for them or the options to do them. It’s very handy.
One of the things you can do is add or delete user accounts. You can do this by typing in this: net user (new username) (new password)/add. Of course, new username stands for you’re the username you want to use and new password stands for the password you want to use. If the command works it will say that the command completed successfully.
But what if you want to have an Administrative account? In order to do that you need to do two things. The first is to type simply: net localgroup. Then you will get a list of all of the users on the computer. You then look to see what the Administrator type accounts are called. It might be Administrator, Admin, Administrators, or something different. It should be obvious, though. Then type this: net localgroup Administrators (username)/add. Replace Administrators with whatever your Admin group is called, and replace username with your username. Then you’re done!
You now have an Administrator account. However, this is only for your computer, not over a network. A network has slightly different commands, but I will not give those now. Also, if you want to change your password at any time, just type: net user (username) *. Make sure you have the space between the username and the asterisk. Then you will have to type the new password twice. If you can’t see what you’re typing, don’t worry. It’s meant to be that way, for security. The computer still sees what you’re typing.
After that, you’re completely done. You now have a new Admin account with a new password. If you want to find more commands, either Google it or see some of my hubs that will be posted soon.


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