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Advanced Autodesk Revit Tips & Tricks

Updated on November 18, 2019
Vincenzo Guatdione profile image

Expert Revit/CAD BIM user, troubleshooter & tutor. 8+ years MEP design experience.

Using Autodesk Revit as a means of maximizing efficiency.

Most often I find knowledgeable Revit users not using the tool to it's full potential when it comes to quick commands and efficient methods of displaying views. Make things easy on yourself as a designer and utilize Revit to work with you.

Paraglider Jetpack design by Vincenzo Guardione

Simple keyboard quick commands

Revit is a one executable program interface where-as AutoCAD is a two executable. Basically with AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts you need to type a command (ex. TR for trim) then either "enter" or "spacebar" to initiate. With Revit you would only need to type in the command and the "enter" or "space-bar" initiating step is removed.

Below is a simplified list of a few keyboard commands...

-ZE = Zoom Extents (zooms to view extents)

-ZW = Zoom Window (zooms to a user defined region)

-WT = Window Tile (displays all open views in tile format)

-DL = Detail Line (initiates the detail line command)

-TR = Trim Command (initiates the trim command)

More advanced Revit keyboard shortcuts

Some of the more advanced keyboard shortcuts for Revit include initiating family placing with various discipline components or Revit families for various disciplines. For this the first key in the command represents the discipline and the second key represents the component being placed. For example, the command EF initiates the Electrical Fixture command.

Below is a simplified list of more advanced keyboard commands...

-EF = Electrical Fixture

-PF = Piping Fixture

-PC = Piping Component

-DF = Duct work Fixture

Use Revit display's to work for your individual work style

When working with Revit, I often have different design approaches depending on the task at hand. For example when designing components I personally like to have three views open - one showing a plan view, one showing a front section and one overall 3D view. This is what works for me and there is no "right" or "wrong" method by any means. Some general equipment placing tasks I like to only work in plan view, however if I know I'm going to be cutting different sections maybe I would also have an elevation open as well. The point here is to realise that you may be able to minimize the amount of your time spent navigating and opening views when you can initiate a good setup right off the bat in the beginning of your exercise. Take a creative approach at the start of your task, you will thank yourself later!

Other good design practices include initiating the "WT = Window Tile" command often to not overload yourself with too many open views at once. A lot of times especially when working fast I wont even realise that I have a ton of open views when I only need two of them.

3D views are good to have off to the side of just about any modeling exercise. This will give you a visual as your working to track progress or help with any on spot design changes you may come up with. It's also a good look for you to give the eavesdropper next to you or boss a beautiful work example.

Preliminary Jet kart Design by Vincenzo Guardione


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    • Vincenzo Guatdione profile imageAUTHOR

      Vincenzo Guardione 

      4 months ago from West Bridgewater

      Thanks! More to follow.

    • profile image

      Nancy Guardione 

      4 months ago

      Great tips Vin!


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