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Advanced SEO

Updated on October 2, 2011

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO

Online Book marking is process where we can bookmark and share web pages and web contents, videos, pod casts, pad files of our interest it is also done for SEO processes where we promote site by book marking site for getting more and more trafficfor the sitealso the site gets cache by search engines and it is indexed by which be get a back link this indexing is on regular basses for do follow book marking sitealso this passes apr value to the site but when the book marking site is no follow the site does not pass any pr value to the site also in indexing process all the previous histories arecleared, only a updated history has been stored to the search engines. To overcome this difficulty we can use some techniques stated below

Advanced Book marking

1 Book marking In Do follow sites:

We can bookmark the sites for indexing on a regular basiswhich provides a back link to the site which passes an pr value to the site by which the sitebecomes of high pr value.

2 Niche Book marking:

In niche book marking we submit our site in very relevant category

3 Web 2.0 Book marking:

Web 2.0 property are site which provide human to human interaction by whichderives more traffic on our site also google is based on this property so any google algorithm change are not affected in this site.

4 Sharing on social media sites:

We can share the content bookmarked on social media sites

5 Pinging on search engines their urls and Rss Feeds:

The site bookmarked may be no follow but the feed of the bookmarkedsite is in xml language which does not have any no follow attribute this feeds can be pinged to search engines also be can get its feed in google reader ,igoogle, or yahoopipes.

5 Submitting sites in an auto book marking submitter:

There are some auto submitters which automatically submits the site in hundreds of book marking site by which we can save our time.

6 Creating wheel on social book marking sites:

We can also create a social book marking wheel on book marking site.

7 social book marking with track back:

By creating track back to our book marking site we can also across linking to another sites, this gives reader a topic of same interests.


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      dipak 5 years ago

      Very good creation Mr.Arvind