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Advanced Twitter Features - Photos, Galleries, Sortcuts, Favorites

Updated on November 15, 2016
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John uses his scientific skills (PhD) & experience developing 50+ websites to research, review & evaluate SEO, website design, Social Media

Twitter began as a small snapshot social network that promoted simple, concise text messages limited to 140 characters or less. However, it has been expanded recently with several little known enhancements by the host company and various Internet developers.

This includes advanced power search options, photos, galleries, favorites, keyboard shortcuts, cross-posts, twitter on your phone, set up groups and many more advances via apps and various websites.

There is now a kaleidoscope of simple, useful features, services, applications, widgets and websites that expands Twitter's capability.

This article describes some of the best new advanced features, enhancements, tips and tricks to expand what you can do with twitter.

Upload Photos - If you create a link to a photograph from one of a long register of other sites, Twitter will show the photo in the right-hand “details” pane when another client examines your post. Many sites have a post-to-Twitter choice on their photo upload pages. The sites that does this are: YouTube, Yfrog, Vimeo, Ustream, Twitvid, TwitPic, Twitgoo, Plixi, Photozou, Kiva, Kickstarter,, Flickr, Etsy, DeviantArt and DailyBooth.

Make a Gallery - Additionally for photos, Twitter makes a photograph gallery webpage that showcases the last 100 images uploaded by the user. (But not for videos). An external location, Hashalbum, mechanically assembles Twitter users’ pictures into distinct albums founded on any hashtags encompassed in the post to Twitter. As a demonstration, shows all the pictures whose URLs were dispatched to Twitter with the hashtag #snakepets.

Favorite Tweets - Most users understand that you can retweet someone else's Twitter post on your own account’s feed. But few users have tried the 'star-shaped' Favorite button besides Twitter’s Retweet button. Clicking on Favorite underneath a Twitter rank revise adds it to your individual Favorites register, much like bookmarking a Website in your browser. To glimpse your Favorites, click Profile on the top of the Twitter’s page, then click the Favorites tab on the left-hand edge of your profile page. The Favorites register is more helpful than it appears at first. Unlike a Website, a Twitter status update may be totally impossible to locate even a couple of days later because of the huge traffic. If you want to keep something for future reference add it to your Favorites.

Do Advanced Power Searches rater than Basic Searches - Twitter’s default search often lists too many outcomes, mostly from the last couple of hours. Use the advanced search optin (as described below for a better outcome). The website 'Topsy' goes much further and Twitter recommended it for advanced users such as journalists. much in order that Twitter suggests Topsy in its authorized direct for journalists.

Combine a Twitter Search with Conventional Search in a Mash Up - A good example is which provides combined search results for Twitter, Digg, Google and Bing. see Multiple Search Engine Search (Metasearch) for Best Search Results.

Great Keyboard Shortcuts - There are many Twitter shortcuts that many people are not aware of. Typing a "?" at the Web interface shows a panel listing the 20 available keyboard commands. These include “/” to jump to the search box and “r” to retweet a post, or “/” to jump to the search box. Additional commands not listed are “s p” will allow you to search for posts that only includes links to photos, and “s v” for those with videos.

Cross-Posting to Facebook - You have the choice to cross-post a Twitter rank update to your Wall on Facebook. Log into Facebook and install the app 'Selective Tweets'. The will request your Twitter username. Then anytime you end a Twitter update with the hash #fb, that post will be dispatched to your Facebook page as long as you’re logged into both Facebook and Twitter in your browser.

Use Twitter via Text Messages - There are lots of free Twitter apps for smartphones that allow you to send and read Twitter updates on your iPhone or Android phone. Also you can use Twitter through SMS messages. If you send a photograph, Twitter will link and upload with it. Text users can follow you even if they don't have a twitter account by texting to the number 40404 with a message such as “follow donaldduck.”

Connect and Discover - These buttons are shown next to the Home button at the top of the page: 'Connect' allows you to see everyone who recently connected to you on the network - members who have retweeted one of your recent posts, include your name in a post, recently started following you or added one of your tweets their Favorites list. 'Discover' attempts to determine your personal interests based on who you follow, your location etc. It is still being developed.

Find and Read Longer Threads - Twitter users have set up an certain hashtag, '#longreads', for posts that link to longer articles, and blog posts. For such topics use '#longreads' followed by a specific word.

Use Friendfeed to more efficiently find old tweets.

Create and Use Groups - Creating groups in your Twitter client provides a column of tweets that are more important.

Don’t Use the "&" symbol

Keep message to 125 rather than 140 characters to encourage comments and easy retweets.

Find Tweeps in your Locality with Similar Interests - The 'Places' options in advanced Twitter search interface allows you to restrict tweets to a particular area.

Put Links in Mid-Message - More people are likely to click on it there rather than at the end.

Tweets Search Engines - A great search engine on tweets is

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