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Advanced reminders using Gmail & Outlook

Updated on April 3, 2011
Scheduling a reminder in Gmail
Scheduling a reminder in Gmail

Yes scheduling reminders in Gmail is possible!

Auto sending and scheduling an email later in Gmail is now possible thanks to an Chrome/ Firefox/Outlook plugin called Boomerang. After some experimenting and testing with Boomerang, I am very happy now that there is a way to manage my followups and contacts within Gmail.

There are many uses for this free Gmail reminder application

  • Remember to take out the trash
  • Create a note to yourself and be reminded of it in the future
  • Follow up with those sales leads
  • Write an email at night and schedule it to deliver in the morning
  • Remember your Moms birthday. Even write the message weeks before it occurs
  • Have your old travel itinerary redelivered to you on the day of your trip

Here's how it works ... simply compose your email inside Gmail or Outlook, then directly beside to the Send button choose click the Send Later button instead. The only catch is you must either use Gmail or Chrome to access your Gmail.

Yes advanced reminders in Gmail are possible!

Followup reminders in Gmail
Followup reminders in Gmail

Creating Followups In Gmail

Too busy to reply to an email? Boomerang also act as a procrastinator as well. Just click the Boomerang button when you have an email open, and choose when to be reminded to have a second look at it. Later (at the time you specify) it will reappear in your inbox, marked unread at the top of your message list.

In addition you can keep track of those recipients who never reply back. Let's say you have created a quote for a customer and want to follow up with them in a day to see if they have received it. Simply choose the days you want to "boomerang it" and you'll be sure to remember the followup.

Remembering meetings and birthdays in Gmail
Remembering meetings and birthdays in Gmail

Also with smart logic

If you receive an email from a client about a meeting to attend, for example Thursday at 10 am, Boomerang will detect it within the email and automatically provide you with a reminder link directly above the message. This is really handy and quick as well. Just click once and your done.

So I am thrilled to share this application with you. Best of all it's free to use. Send me your feedback below!

About the Author

Erik Zetterberg has been a SEO since 1992. His blog at contains tips for Webmasters on how to improve search engine rankings naturally.


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