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Advantages of All in One touchscreen Computers

Updated on May 15, 2012

An all in one computer is a desktop computer that is combined with a monitor all into one case. Recently these kinds of computers have become extremely popular because they save on desk space and are easier to move around. The first model was actually original Macintosh developed by Apple in the 1980’s, and upgrades continued to be produced through the 1900’s and 2000s.

Other older 8-bit computers like the Kaypro 2 and Commodore PET 2001 also fitte din this category. Because all in one computers are generally more portable than standard PCs, many of them also have a carrying case included or have handles provided on the case. This way they can easily be unplugged and taken to a different location.

The main advantage they have over standard computers is their size, making them and ideal choice for areas that don’t have much space. However, just like laptops, these computers have are not very easy to upgrade or customize their hardware. Often the internal hardware units like the CPU are permanently glued to the motherboard to save on space, which make upgrading virtually impossible. However, some newer models have provide upgrades for their computers, although the choices are not nearly as numerous compared to a normal computer.

Because of their small size, an all in one touchscreen computer desktop usually cost a slightly larger amount compared to normal computers. Many of them are also integrated with a touch screen to provide a host of extra features. A touch desktop PC is much easier to use and is well suited for individuals who do not like using a keyboard and mouse. A touchscreen computer costs are fair deal more than a standard monitor, but the price is continuing to go down as time goes by. In short, if you want to save on space and don’t care much for upgrades, then this computer is for you.

All in One Touchscreen PC vs tablet

Since tablets have started to grow up in user interest it makes for a valid question: Why get an All-in-One Touchscreen PC and not a tablet?

First there's the huge difference in screen size, so it's clear that a large working area is desirable if you're interested in productivity more. Plus a desktop computer is more powerful than a tablet and can run all kinds of apps, something that can't be said about tablets.

So in short a touch screen AIO is good in certain situations where a higher cost of acquisition doesn't matter and mobility is not a priority. For other cases just pick a tablet!


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