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Advantages of Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services

Updated on December 31, 2014

Taking the Cloud Alternative

For your hosting, can opt to put everything in the cloud. This comes with its vast array of benefits. You don't need much capital to set it up, and you don't need any IT staff for your server's management. You need not worry about the equipment and software becoming obsolete or outdated. Remember the big iron mainframes that were in used years ago? Well, the cloud works on the similar principle of time sharing, but with astounding improvements on speed and reliability.

Benefits of the Cloud

For starters, reliability and stability is guaranteed. With you investing on your site and its business in the cloud, this is a big plus. You may ask- what happens when the firm crashes? What if it hits a snag? Will your business grind to a halt? No. First, it never happens if you go to the professionals, as they have considered all scenarios and adequately prepared for them. What's more-you need not worry about losing your data, be it temporarily or the scarier outcome-permanently. You may not in control of the servers, but the experts and professionals are. You can sit back and relax.

In addition, should your business be using large files, you may be wondering about issues concerning broadband connection and speed of operations. The question of privacy and security also pops up. How certain can you be? Well, CDN cloud servicing is an option.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services

How does the CDN work?

Put simply, CDN hosting involves loading some internet traffic to different cloud based serves in data centres located in different regions. The servers in the data centre that is nearest the end user are usually used to enable relay of information as fast as possible t the internet user. All this basically means different servers are used to deliver content to the end users based on their proximity to the users. This addresses issues from latency to gain size and bandwidth.

How CDN benefits your Site

CDN hosting systems offer you a very cost effective solution, whether you're an online vendor or e-commerce owner, or even a content provider. It bolsters the success of your business by keeping your customers satisfied all the time, around the clock. This is regardless of how many things they may be downloading from your page, how much content they may be accessing from your site, or even wherever they may be located in the world. It means that your site will get enhanced performance. In addition, you will also attain better security for hacker attacks. "How is this all possible?" you may ask.

Well, CDN employs the neat trick of maintaining multiple presence points. What does this mean? Copies of identical content are stored in the servers, and a mechanism that provides logs and information to the origin servers is applied. This is different from the usual direct communication between the client and server. Here, information is relayed between the client and the origin server, but passes through the surrogate server. You picture the surrogate server as a bridge connecting the two. This goes further in enhancing security.

Utilising our CDN systems will affect everything from the internal architecture of your business to the management of your site's performance, to even costs on your IT staff and personnel. It’s relatively new in the web management spheres, but its popularity has rapidly been on the ascent due to the quality of its results. CDN systems will reduce the page load time of all the pages of your website significantly and will enable you manage your traffic more effectively. Your customers will be happy and your content is assured to be fully accessible.

Moreover, it can be accessed from any location on the globe. You will be able to reach and communicate with your clients in ease, with easy and fast video and audio transmission. So whether you want to expand the scope of your business and branch into new markets or reach your mobile customer base, the CDN systems are a guaranteed safe and effective solution. It ensures your projects' success and total cost of ownership.

What to look for in CDN Service Providers

You need personnel are both qualified and professional. Be sure to seek out experts that provide excellent services, to which their clients can attest to. They should carry out their duties with the decorum that is required and treat you with professionalism. Your satisfaction is crucial for their prosperity. If they understand this, they will do their best to satisfy you.


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      3 years ago

      Hello, thanks for the info. I'd recommend to use Edgecast CDN for a website if it's quite a big. Actually Wordpress themselves have chosen Edgecast for their services. Sure, though Edgecast is not only for so big names as Wordpress or Twitter. They have all necessary services that a regular webmaster needs for his website. With this content delivery network each webmaster can be sure his website is well-optimized, secured and as fast as it's possible.

      Actually, it's easier to buy Edgecast services from their resellers (Jodihost, for example) that offer all same advantages, but with no annual contracts and at very affordable prices. By the way, about security of Edgecast you can read at


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