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Advantages of Office 365 over Traditional Versions

Updated on April 14, 2016

A Cloud-Based Version of Office

Office 365 is a relatively recent innovation by Microsoft, and it makes Microsoft Office much more affordable while providing convenient features not previously available. After trying the software for a small business I co-own with two friends, I can say the upgrade is well worth it.

Office 365 is More Affordable

When you purchase Office 365, you don't have to pay an expensive license upfront like with previous versions of Microsoft Office. Instead, there are many membership plans available for monthly fees of $12.50 and below. You can forget about purchasing new versions as they are released, since the Office 365 plan covers any software upgrade.

For freelance professionals and small business owners, the price of on-premises software licenses can represent a considerable investment. Office 365 gives access to all of the Microsoft Office programs with added benefits, at an affordable monthly fee.

Office 365 comes with 1 Terabyte of Storage in One Drive

One terabyte of storage is a lot of space, and enough to cover the needs of a start-up business for a long time. For example, my laptop has 1 TB of storage space and I haven't even used 25% of it even though I have several gigabytes worth of music and video games, in addition to my personal and work files.

With respect to the start-up company I co-own, we have all of our files in an Office 365 account and we are still using less than 1% of the storage space available. Probably design and artistic companies are the only type of firm that can use up 1 terabyte of storage while still being a start-up, due to files such as high resolution images, videos and music. However, for most small businesses 1 TB of storage is far more than what is needed in the short term.

Flexibility and Security

With Office 365, all files can be stored in One Drive and can be accessed from multiple devices. This also means that should your computer get lost or damaged, you will not lose your information. File sharing is also much easier and a lot of e-mails are avoided!

Office 365 is an excellent file backup for a small business, especially for key information such as legal and tax documents.

Cloud VS On-Premises

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