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Advantages of Tumblr as a Blogging Format

Updated on December 14, 2014

Which one works best for what niche?

There are tons of various blogging platforms. One of the popular ones is the Tumblr. It has been around for years and lots of bloggers are unaware of the features or even the advantages to using it for their personal blogging needs. Compare a few now and again to make certain the tools at hand are those in need.

Review the niche and other criteria in place for communicating with readers and an audience when comparing platforms and features. This could be the best one with the most advantages for what a blogger hopes to achieve.

Best candidates

Niches which count on on photos, music and video categorically see the greatest paybacks. Even when likened to Wordpress it is a simpler approach for posting and loading these aspects of each post. It likes to make the types of post, options and interface easier for users related to similar sites.

The advantages seen with this particular system is wonderful for a number of reasons. Some of the best are mentioned here. Only a few of the most identified details are given in order to compare Tumblr with other blogs and discover if it’s right for your needs. This is a higher level overview.


The cost of Tumblr is less expensive when compared with other “free” blogging platforms which charge extra for some of the better features. Wordpress has a two costs, free or $99.

Free is always an attraction for the newbie or anyone looking for ways to increase passive income. When combined with other incentives they offer, it is a wonderful place for lots of newbies to begin the process.


Navigating around the dashboard is fairly simple as well. There are several icons located in the middle of a bold blue background identifiable positively stress-free.

A clean interface exists for starting a post on the site. Focus is on the content versus bells and whistles. In fact, there are much less tools and options than seen with others like Blogger or Wordpress.

There are still options for embedding HTML or WYSIWYG code.


The dashboard permits creation of a variety of posts. These include audio, visual, chat, text, photo and link. There are customization features to make the blog unique and within the account more blogs are able to be added.


Customization of Tumblr blog includes tying more than one blog to each other. Selections of themes are offered or develop a personal one. Follow other blogs and view follows. Messages to audience members are also a capability.

Any person unable to locate a theme with interest or create one they like has another choice. A slash theme gives more for the asking. Free and premium themes are offered. Some are fully responsive while others are minimal in nature. Surprisingly they have a large assortment.

Best book out there for making Wordpress work for you. See what Amazon knows that you dont


With all advantages come some disadvantages. This is not an exception.

Ecommerce is not capable using this method of posting blogs. Other content management needs are missed with Tumblr.

Any and all changes made happen live. This is an issue for lots of niches. There is a password protected method which is not easy to follow and perform. The software downloaded doesn’t work locally.

The company has attempted to make it as customizable as possible. it is not always conducive to lots of bloggers specific needs.

This works best for basic blogs. Depending on the needs and also desires going forward of the blogger determines if this is a venture to take. Review in detail all of the info connected with the site and make a detailed decision about the future of a blog.

Blogging is an element which lots of writers bypass. It is a deceptive idea it is easy work with less than commendable writing efforts. This is true of a small amount of bloggers. For the most part, these are writers which produce excellent material and are dedicated to keeping their readers engaged and informed.

Food for thought

The conclusion to the article is always the same. Look at the business of blogging from a personal standpoint and choose the best option. It doesn't simply stop there.

Just as a blogger grows so does the blog. This means what worked in the beginning as changed. Something new is needed. One blog works for one format, but more than one blog means possibly using another? This is certainly a possibility.

Just something to consider while checking out Tumblr and other platforms to use.

How would you rate Tumblr?

3 stars for Tumblr

No difficult navigation

The Tumblr home page is fairly simple.
The Tumblr home page is fairly simple.

What are your thoughts

What is the best free or nearly free blogging platform?

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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 3 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for the feedback. other bloggers have shared the same stories dealing with wordpress. there is a $99 fee for having access to most of the tech needed to set up a blog.

      blogger is a wonderful site which i have used for a number of years and promote as especially user friendly for newbies.

      thanks again lyndapringle for some insight.

    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 3 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I used HubPages in 2011 and was quite pleased with the high standards expected of the writers and the sense of community provided here and have now reinstated my blogging here after attempting other sites. I haven't tried Tunblr but it does appear user friendly from your article but is there good readership there which is key to a good blog?

      For the past week, I attempted to set up a a blog at WordPress and it almost seemed like a scam to me. I had to pay money to get a domain name and to purchase a decent theme. Then, the site was so not user friendly that I could not manage to activate the themes or widgets. For two weeks I spent money and nonsense on WordPress. Then I moved on to Blogger where I was had posted previously. Blogger is very user friendly but there is no sense of community and is essentially is a site for family and friends to read. For me, HubPages is it but I will check out Tumblr as well.