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Advantages of the Sony Play Station 3 - PS3

Updated on December 17, 2009

The launching of Play Station 3 (PS3) was a major event for the gaming industry. Sony's console is considered to be the best of the gaming systems. Sony is also the leader in the gaming industry, with the majority of the game consoles world wide. The PS2 was a huge hit, and most video games are developed for the PS2 platform.

However, Sony PS3 is not the only contender for the crown of best game console. The rivals Nintendo and Microsoft also have very good offers, and they have shown that their systems are very capable. Despite this, it seems that the PS3 will continue the dominance of Sony in this market.

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Advantages of the PS3

There are several advantages for the PS3 when viewed in comparison to the Xbox360 and the Wii. This is a result of the long period of development that took Sony to develop this new game console. Among the advantages, we can list the following:

  • Processing capacity: the PS3 comes with a new processor developed specially for this console. The Cell processor, as it is know, is based on the PowerPC processor by IBM. It has four processors into the same ship, thus it provides much more computational power. The resulting graphs created with the chip are almost life-like. It is a major advance in quality of video games.
  • Extensibility: the PS3 is now extensible, and users can download new software from the Internet. This will allow that bugs be removed by an automatic update.

PS3 availability

The PS3 was launched in the last months, first in Japan, and then in USA and Europe. It is recognized that Sony couldn't meet the demand for the new product, therefore the availability of the PS3 is very limited. Your best bet to get your hands in a PS3 is to search on auction web site, such as eBay. Bellow in this page you can see a small list of available PS3 units been sold in eBay.

The poor availability at this time make the price of PS3 to increase on those auctions. It is not rare to seem some units of the PS3 to sell to as much as $2000.

  • Web access: the connectivity of the PS3 allows users to access the Internet, and use its main functions, such as web browsing, and file sharing.
  • Blue-ray player: Sony championed the development of blue-ray format, and now it provides a Blue-ray player with each PS3. Users will be able to watch movies, access files, and use allfunctionality in the Blue-ray disks. In fact, the PS3 is the cheapest Blue-ray player on the market (and it can do much more than playing movies).
  • Abundance of titles: The PS3 can play most titles for PS2. This means the majority of all game titles for game consoles. It is an strategic advantage for users, who want to continue using theirpreferred games.

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    • profile image

      bobby 7 years ago

      hai i need to know this ps3 will give 5.1 chanel support for all the source even i am play mp3 songs, normal cable tv connection, so i can use it like an amplifire and hdm connection to my lcd?

    • profile image

      andy 7 years ago

      the ps3 is way more versatile and way more reliable than the shitbox 360

    • profile image

      say what? 7 years ago

      "Do you EVER use your BlueRay on your PS3? (They can be bought, BlueRay players) individually"

      2 the 1st part of that, yes EVERYSINGLE PS3 GAME USES BLURAY-which is between 5-10 times larger than an regular dvd 4 the 360, giving it huge potential 4 much bigger game in the near future, only way Microsoft could EVER possibly counter that potential is digitally, which their hdd support very little & costs huge amount of money, ESPECIALLY since u get next 2 nothing.

      Next part, why the hell get an individual blu ray player which would cost near the same when u can spend an xtra $50 & get the 'whole damn package'also there is wifi inbuilt, costs $100+ 4 an adapter on 360, bluetooth so amny headset or bluetooth device is available, stead of those shotty 360 ones, browser-isnt great but it does the job & also, the most important factor, it isnt made by microsoft, Bill Gates created that company by stealing ideas from Apple

    • profile image

      dark 7 years ago

      when was this article published? i have a reasearch to do lol

    • profile image

      xBox 360 all the way. 7 years ago

      Do you EVER use your BlueRay on your PS3? (They can be bought, BlueRay players) individually, and you have a computer/laptop for surfing. xBox was made for one purpose, hardcore gaming. PS3 was made for pansy gaming, movie watching and surfing online. IMO, get xBox for playing, BlueRay player for watching and computer for surfing. (This is @ "Matt"s comment)

    • profile image

      PS3 owner 7 years ago

      PS3 Rocks!I,ve had 1 since it came out, and never even wanted a Xbox. Even though playstation's may cost a little more, think of the advantages; Less bugs, Blu-Ray player, plus no Red-Ring Of Death. Also their is the fact that it has FREE ONLINE GAMING! On Modern Warfare 2 (COD6) the campain may take a day or two, but online? It takes like 8-10 days, if you go on it enough, to get to rank 70. If you space out your time on it, it could take a couple of months!

      Then you can use pretige, get an AWESOME icon for your rank, unlock more custom made classes and get to rank 70 again! You can pay a tad more for a PS3, or get an Xbox, and, even though it's cheaper, on the long run you could save LOADS of money, if you LOVE ONLINE, just like me!

      P.S. My Online name is: XxMadManTommoxX

      Hope I helped! ;)

    • profile image

      Savvy 8 years ago

      I personally own a PS3 and I can say I'm extremely happy with the buy. I looked into getting the 360 but many things turned me away, like the 'Red-Ring of Death'. PS3's don't give you that, and from what I was told this 'Red-Ring' is caused by fan-failures. PS3 has never given anyone a 'fan-failure' thus far, from what I have gathered, so it will also play as long as you want, not how long the console can 'withstand'. 360 has a lot of bugs that are still being fixed, while SONY took an extra year to make sure there wasn't any bugs to deal with. Granted the consoles will still have slight bugs, but SONY took the extra step. And what do ya know, you don't have to 'pay' for a membership with PS3 like you have to with the 360. Membership, along with the internet use, with the PS3 is free of charge and the chatting system is much better, looks and operating-wise. Grab a PS3. She may not have a bunch of games out right now, but it's well-worth the wait and she's durable. :3 Enjoy!

    • Ergoguy profile image

      Ergoguy 8 years ago

      And is slimmer and lighter and more! The new PS3 Slim is comming :D Check out, I saw it is available at Amazon to pre-order and wrote a hub about it

    • profile image

      yomiiiiiiiiii 8 years ago

      ps3 is dem goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosd

    • profile image

      khoo vincent dmk1 tarc ,kl -ampang 8 years ago

      ps 3 very lame

    • profile image

      jack 8 years ago

      i have ps3 . it is good

    • profile image

      jack 8 years ago

      i have ps3 . it is good

    • profile image

      Matt 8 years ago

      No offenc 'XBOX 360' owner but the PS3 is just so much better, i mean there is a built in Blu-Ray player, the online is free and much more.

    • profile image

      ps3 lover 8 years ago

      i have personaly owned an xbox 360 and played on the ps3 quite alot and i personaly think that you should go for the playstation because it is alot more practical and much more reliable it also has better technology slightly more expensive but well worth it and i would get one exept i got badly riped off when i sold my 360 and have'nt been able to find the funds for a ps3 i hope that your happy with the choise you make

      best of luck

    • profile image

      X360 Owner 8 years ago

      Matt, I've never owned a Ps3, so i can't compare, however;

      With the elite you will also be able to network easily with vista (they were built to work with each other) to allow yourself to run videos/pictures/music off your computer on your Xbox. I didn't even originally intend to do this with my Set-up, but it "found" my computer, asked me if i wanted to connect, and the next thing i knew i had set up my library.

      I've never played with a PS3, but the only reason i'd consider getting one is for the B-Ray. You wont see final fantasy on the 360, but square enix is publishing for it (infinite undiscovery) along with the 360's dominance in FPS and retro gaming accessability over xbox live, if your looking for a heavy gaming machine, that Also alows for a home theater set-up and networking with your computer, grab an elite and be happy.

    • profile image

      HELPER 9 years ago

      matt i may be able to help you, it depends what you want, also what you have.

      the ps3 is for multi-purpose best with homke theater

      the 360 elite is for hardcore gaming, best with a huge lcd tv,

      theres more but thats mainly it

    • profile image

      Matthew Bayley 9 years ago

      i really really can't make up my mind to either get a xbox 360 elite or a ps3 i have been doing research on both consoles, the elite beats it on memory, there bassically the same in graphics excpept the ps3 has blu-ray, the ps3 is much morer queiter then the elite, the 360 has more games out then the ps3, but i think next year sony will bring out more games for the ps3. even with all the reaserach i have been doing and asking my freinds who have the consoles i still can't make up my mind, what the 360 elite beets the ps3 in places, so does the ps3 in some places with the elite

      please can u help