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Aereo Television

Updated on June 6, 2013

Aereo Continues To Change Game Plan

Technology changing at the speed of light. Well, maybe not that fast.

6/6/2013 Aereo announced the new website platform format. It is a lot easier to navigate through the website and easier to find a show or TV network you are searching for.

Aereo changed the pricing plan too. There are now only two packages available.

$8.00 a month with 20-hours of remote DVR.

$12.00 a month with 40-hours of remote DVR.

Aereo makes it very easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and you can connect a Gmail or Yahoo account to an Aereo account.

That is it for now. The next time Aereo makes significant changes I'll be back to post an update.

Aereo New Website Platform Format

What is Aereo TV?

Aereo TV is new technology that allows you to watch live broadcast television for an affordable price. No new equipement to buy or install, no downloads, no wires, and no clutter.

Chet Kanojia if the Founder and CEO of Aereo TV. He combined television and the Internet to create new technology.

Aereo television is the future of television. Its popularity is growing fast. Aereo continues to expand its area base and it's because consumers want to use the new technology and consumers want affordable television. Cable prices continue to rise and it's partially due to television networks increasing their prices so that forces cable service to raise their prices. Television should not force you to empty out your bank account. There has to come a time when television becomes affordable again. To see if Aereo is available in your area, Click Here to view the map and a full list of zip codes.

Lets talk price. Aereo TV lets you decide what you want to spend and when you want to spend it. You can buy television service by the month or by the year.

Package Choices:

One month with 20-hours of DVR for $8.00 + tax.

One month with 40-hours of DVR for $12.00 + tax.

One year with 40-hours of DVR for $80.00 + tax.

You can upgrade or downgrade anytime. All you have to do is sign in to your Aereo account to make the changes that take effect immediately. If you decide to change your plan, your account will be credited the value of any unused time left in your current billing cycle and a new billing cycle will start immediately. The unused time will be credited towards future invoices.

How Does Aereo Work?

No hardware to buy or install - Aereo works on gadgets you already have.

Aereo allows you to watch live television on a desktop computer, laptop, iPod, iPad, and iPhones. Aereo gives you the freedom to watch television anywhere. Live streaming television in the palm of your hand.

Aereo works on a PC or a Mac.

Compatible browsers are Internet Explorer 9 or better, Opera 12.0 or better, Safari 5.0 or better, Chrome latest version, and Firefox 11.0 or better.

How does Aereo allow me to watch live television?

Can you watch Aereo TV on a television set? Of course you can but you will need to buy a device to connect. You can buy an Apple TV via Airplay from a compatible device or buy a Roku 3.0 or better. There is no additional monthly charges but buying the TV compatible devices is needed to watch Aereo on a television set.

Each time you open Aereo on your TV set or sign into your Aereo account on a mobile device, Aereo receives a message and you are assigned an antenna and that allows you to watch live broadcast television.

Aereo has hundreds of thousands of miniature antennas on top of buildings that give you reception. Instead of you placing a large antenna on top of your roof instead you are assigned one tiny Aereo antenna.

How many devices can you hook up to one Aereo account?

You can authorize up to five devices per one Aereo account.

How many Rokus can you hook up to one Aereo account?

You can add up to five Rokus per one Aereo account.

Do you feel cable TV has become expensive?

See results

If Aereo TV became available in your area, would you give it a try?

See results

Do you already use Aereo TV?

See results

I enjoy writing about new technology and the opportunity it offers consumers to save money.

Learning how to use new technology has become a hobby of mine. I enjoy sharing what I learn and really enjoy sharing how I save hundreds of dollars a year using new technology that becomes available to consumers. As I learned more about Aereo television and how to use it, I would write articles and record videos to help people understand how the process works and how to navigate throughout the Aereo website platform.

In the videos below I describe in detail how the Aereo TV works, how to use the Aereo TV guide in your Aereo account on an iPad, how Aereo TV gives me more freedom to watch TV and how signing up to the Aereo service has helped me save hundreds of dollars a year. Cable continues to raise its prices and it's because the television networks continue to raise their prices. There has to be an affordable way to watch television again and Aereo created it.

Aereo A Detail Explanation

Aereo TV Guide On An iPad

I Cut My Daily Cost Of Living Down By $930.68

Aereo TV is Freedom TV


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